2012 Early Voting Starts in North Carolina

2012 Early Voting Starts in North Carolina

October, 18, 2012, by Jedidiah

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The 2012 election season is in full swing and early voting started in North Carolina today. Head over to the Wake County Board of Elections site for more information, FAQs and where to vote early if you are so inclined. There are a handful of locations in the Raleigh area that have opened today and there are already lines at the Downtown Raleigh Board of Elections building.

With North Carolina as a potential swing state again in the Presidential Election, it's possible that turnout will be high again, as it was in 2008. 

Also, head over the Indy for their Endorsements and Raleigh Public Record for its 2012 Voting Guide.

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  • Jeff Smith
    10/26 10:51 AM

    At early polling center in Cary, I was about voter 8000, give or take - not sure how often the 2 ballot scanner counts are reset.

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