A/V Geeks 100 mile trip ends this Friday

A/V Geeks 100 mile trip ends this Friday

August, 26, 2012, by Vince

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(artwork provided by A/V Geeks)

The A/V Geeks are owners of one of the largest collections of 16mm arts and education films in the world (over 24,000 and counting).  They are on a mission to digitize public domain films and make them freely available on the internet.  For years, Skip and crew have been using Kings as their base for showcasing the weird, wonderful, and, shall we say, uniquely acted films from their collection.  If you're friends with them on Facebook, you've probably noticed new films popping up in your newsfeed on a daily basis.  These welcomed daily distractions are all part of their campaign to digitize and make available 100 miles (over 240 hours) of public domain film from their archive during the month of August. To allocate the time, equipment and resources needed to catalog, curate, prep, clean, digitize, post-process, upload and share 100 miles of films, A/V Geeks need your help to raise $50,000 and have set up an Indiegogo fundraiser to assist in the process.  You can make your contribution here:  indiegogo.com/avgeeks100miles.  For every $35 contribution, 10 minutes of lost 16mm footage will be made available for the world to enjoy.

Over the last twenty years, Skip has rescued over 24,000 films that were destined for landfills or hidden away in basements and school closets. The films now live on shelves in 8 rooms within his home, a former boarding house he shares with his wife in Raleigh, NC. “I’m happy to save the films,” says Elsheimer, “but more than that I want people to watch them, make new connections, restore their relevancy to today's culture and then share them with more people.  When we share these old films on the internet, magical things happen. We've heard from filmmakers excited to see their work getting new attention, actors who appeared in the films but never saw them, and historians looking for moving images of places, events and people they've only read about.”

Many of these lost cultural artifacts haven’t been seen by human eyes in decades! They include gems like Attack, a 1966 self-defense film for women, Any Boy USA, a 1953 delight in which a rumpled Mr. Whiskey shows a little boy what life in the big city is really like, Adventures In Telezonia (1949), which uses marionettes to teach dialing a rotary telephone, Quality Milk (1930), one of the earliest films in the collection, a USDA film aimed at dairy farmers, and Bag 5 (1966), a fascinating compilation of kid-produced animations.  Feel free to view more films here: av-geeks.tumblr.com

These films have been seen by millions on The Colbert Report, MTV 2’s Wonder Showzen, Mad Men, PBS, The History Channel and many other outlets. After years of digitizing films for NASA and the Internet Archive, A/V Geeks is now attempting to upload 100 miles of lost 16mm screen gems during the month of August.  Their indiegogo campaign will end on August 31st.  Kings will be hosting an evening with the A/V Geeks on Thursday, August 30th.  Thursday will be your chance to see the phenomena of their film collection come to life.  It is free, although donations are strongly encouraged.  Past nights have featured subjects such as Childhood Nightmare Fodder, Those Troubled Teens and Anatomies of a Brat to name a few.  The Mind is a Terrible Thing brings an evening of fascinating films about the human brain. Films included – Obedience, Divided Brain and Consciousness, Living In A Reversed World and more!  As always, there will be a pop quiz after the films to test your attention span and desire to win awesome prizes!

A/V Geeks present "The Mind is a Terrible Thing" at Kings.  Kings is located at 14 W. Martin Street.  Doors open at 8:30 and films are set to begin around 9pm.  The event is Free, but donations are always encouraged.  Their indiegogo campaign ends on August 31st.  Feel to visit their page and learn more about their efforts to digitize 100 miles of film, 16mm at a time.

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