Alpha Cop and T0W3RS celebrate new releases at Kings this Saturday, November 3rd

Alpha Cop and T0W3RS celebrate new releases at Kings this Saturday, November 3rd

October, 30, 2012, by Vince

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(original photos by Abby Nardo)

Alpha Cop is an indie-psych-rock quartet comprised of Corbie Hill, Margaret Moorefield, Brian J Donohoe and Channing Azure (with Danny Sao Joao, who played on the bands most recently recorded material).  These individuals have played in a number of local bands (Starmount, Battle Rockets, AC/DC tributes, The Ladderback, Continent) and that experience coupled with their continuing motivation to create new music have yielded the bands' first single, "Point No Point".  Their new digital single is available for download today, October 30th.  This name-your-price audio download also includes the "Point No Point" music video by Raleigh video artist Pontiac and artwork by Seth Haynes.

The Raleigh natives draw their style from various influences: Prog-Rock groups like Yes & King Crimson, jazz from the 60s, Krautrock and some of the more recent Post-Rock behemoths like Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed! You Black Emperor.  It may be easy to spot such influences over the nearly six and half minute debut single.  The song takes many strange turns and suddenly comes to a close, leaving the listener curious to what else the band is capable of.  To celebrate this release of "Point No Point", Alpha Cop will perform at Kings Barcade this Saturday, November 3, 2012.

You can check out various videos from their recent show at Slims by going here!

(cover of WYATT courtesy of T0W3RS)

Headlining the event at Kings this Saturday is Chapel Hill's T0W3RS, who will do some celebrating of their own.  The band's new EP, WYATT, was released via the DiggUp Tapes label on October 23rd.  Their excellent set at Hopscotch was coupled with cassingles previewing WYATT.  Consisting of Derek Torres, Jacki Huntington, Karen Blanco, Sam Logan & Zeke Krautwurst, T0W3RS songs have a hypnotic effect on the senses.  The melodies and execution of instrumentation along in the intriguining lyrics voiced through Derek Torres make this EP seem a lot longer than the 20 minutes of space it creates.  You can preview WYATT at the bands bandcamp page.  You can read The Indy's high marks and see for yourself what T0W3RS are generating this Saturday night at Kings.  Washington, D.C.'s The Caribbean and NC's own Zack Mexico round out the bill.  The all ages show will start at 9:30pm.  It's only $3 to get in ($6 if you are under 21).  

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