Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Blend and Grind Coffee Shop and More Coming to Seaboard Station

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Blend and Grind Coffee Shop and More Coming to Seaboard Station

July, 30, 2012, by Jedidiah

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We've received word that the construction at Seaboard Station that has been going on for the past year has signed a few leases. The new tenants will include Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, a burger joint that is based out of Charlotte and has breakfast (and an Ahi Tuna Burger!), and a new locally owned coffee shop called Blend & Grind. As well, there seems to be a cleaners and possibly a salon going into the warehouse building as well. 

This part of Seaboard Station has long needed some TLC and similar to the Citrix announcement today, it's great to see Raleigh reusing its warehouse spaces. With Person Street getting some new tenants, the AIA-NC Headquarters and Tyler's Taproom and their Bottle Shop moving into Seaboard, the Northeast corner of downtown is definitely one of the prime locations for businesses, traffic and energy.

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  • BreakfastBandit
    07/30 04:24 PM

    Seriously can we get an affordable breakfast spot in Raleigh? Eggs, bacon and a biscuit should cost about $6.50. I’m not willing to spend $8 (plus a tip) on myself for breakfast.. Wonder why The Diner went out of business? Over priced items you can make at home (in about 15 minutes) for a quarter of the price and taste just about the same.

  • JK
    07/30 07:39 PM

    Well, thank goodness there’s a burger joint opening! We have so very few of those here in Raleigh. Maybe we could get a frozen yogurt store in there, too, being as hard to find as they are.

  • Pharmf231
    07/30 11:51 PM

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    07/30 11:54 PM

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  • Ken Metzger
    07/31 08:44 AM

    BreakfastBandit, have you ever been to Oakwood Cafe, Mecca, Finch’s, or Big Ed’s?  The options are quite plentiful.

  • jkrocks
    07/31 08:48 AM

    two burger joints in the same strip seems a bit odd.

    to the breakfast bandit… try watkins breakfast.  it’s pretty dang cheap.

  • smitty
    07/31 10:52 AM

    A strip mall downtown.  If you listen closely, you can hear hipsters quietly pondering the universe.

  • bart cusick
    07/31 10:54 AM

    Why don’t they build a bridge over the railroad tracks to the Cotton Mill Condos. Those are the only people that can afford to shop and eat all the time in the Seaboard Station area. Also Finch’s is right across the street and is super affordable. Watkins is awesome. Also there already is a great salon in the Seaboard called Marigold.

  • radar
    07/31 11:43 AM

    Yay. There’ s already a smoothie place in Seaboard, right next to Tylers. Run by the HerbaLife Cult I think.
    Coffee shop will be good tho

  • raleighrob
    07/31 01:47 PM

    A place offering a tuna burger would be nice for this pescetarian.  ;-)
    I’m excited about Blend & Grind too.

  • Phil
    07/31 03:56 PM

    Haters in 3… 2… Oh, too late.

  • Cenzo
    07/31 04:21 PM

    The burger joint is much too expensive.  This place will be forced to eventually either lower their prices or go out of business.  Plus we already have way too many burger joints downtown.  Doesn’t anyone do market research before they start a business?

  • totsoflove
    08/01 10:02 AM

    Bad Daddy’s is delicious.  And they have tots.  I’ll go there just to get some tots.  Hard to find some good tater tots these days.

  • Tyler
    08/01 11:25 PM

    I, for one, am excited about getting a new coffee shop on this side of Raleigh.
    We’ve been needing something more than the Starbucks on Peace Street (which I try to stay away from).

    I’m also glad to hear that more businesses are moving into this part of town. I’m working for a software development company in the Pilot Mill building just down the road, and having new restaurants and shops move in close by, makes my life easier.

  • DPK
    08/02 12:28 PM

    The comments on here are getting to be as bad as WRAL/GOLO, if not worse.

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    10/30 04:29 PM

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