Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant opening on Blount Street

Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant opening on Blount Street

April, 05, 2012, by Jedidiah

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After Fai Thai closed almost abruptly last July, Empire Eats announced that they would be using the building for a rentable event space. Since then, the space has been empty and Empire has bought the former Hideaway BBQ building on Capital Boulevard for their catering needs. Now that things have been rearranged, it looks like it's time for a new restaurant on Moore Square.

We've learned that a new Loatian restaurant called Bida Manda will take over the space formerly occupied by both Fai Thai and Duck and Dumpling, which closed in December of 2010. Unlike many of the other restaurants in Downtown Raleigh, Bida Manda is a direct lease, owned by Vansana Nolintha (who is from Laos), and will not be a partnership with the company. 

From Bida Manda's website: 

Bida Manda is the Sanskrit ceremonial term for Father and Mother. Naming the restaurant Bida Manda is our way of honoring our parents in Laos, who instilled in us our life conviction to nurture relationships through food.

Nestled between lush green hills and the Mekong River, Laos’ dynamic cuisine reflects its intimate relationship with nature, generous culture, and French colonial past. Inspired by our parents’ recipes and seasonal ingredients, our menu offers a flavorful marriage of Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, intricately refined with French sensibility.

Sounds delicious and looks to open Summer 2012.

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  • I'maSweetsin
    04/05 10:53 AM

    Will definitely get my eat on here!

  • carrie
    04/05 01:45 PM

    Can’t wait!!! This will be SUCH a fabulous addition to downtown!!!  Three cheers for Vansana! Hooray! Hooray!! Hooray!!!

  • Dane
    04/05 07:40 PM

    I am so excited about this. This is just what Raleigh needs!!

  • RaleighRob
    04/09 11:00 AM

    At least it’s something we don’t already have.  Love adding new variety to the downtown’s dining options.  Laotian is definitely a unique one.

  • Festus
    04/10 10:33 AM

    Please do check out their website. Vansana is really quite a remarkable person and their story really adds to the excitement for this restaurant. Count me IN!

  • soundtracktothefilmmore
    04/11 11:55 AM

    Excellent news, love that this is happening!

  • ptuorto
    04/13 11:33 AM

    Sounds great, stoked!

  • Lawrence
    04/16 03:29 PM

    Congrats Vansana!!! Wish I could be there to try it when it opens!

  • mike
    04/16 05:05 PM

    I had a sneak peak at the menu… I think I will be here everyday for the first week and many many times after that!!

  • mike
    04/17 05:53 PM

    This is definitely not a fake comment!!

  • mike #1
    04/20 09:07 AM

    ?? - I don’t understand the “fake comment” post.

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