Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant Opening This Week

Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant Opening This Week

September, 04, 2012, by Jedidiah

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There's Hopscotch. There's First Friday September. There's the Raleigh Times opening its expansion (we still think at least). And now, Bida Manda will be opening its doors at 5pm on Wednesday for customers to come check out the beautiful interior, fabulous food and tasty cocktails. The restaurant will be open until 2am on Wednesday and weekend hours will be Wed and Thursday 5 pm - 2 am Friday 5 pm - 2am Saturday 11 am - 2am. Normally it will just be 11am to 2 am everyday on the weekend and closed on Sunday.

Sandwiched between The Pour House and Tir Na Nog, two Hopscotch venues, Bida Manda will surely be the center of attention and a stop over for a ton of newcomers and locals alike. If you are coming from out of town, hit the bar at Bida Manda for a drink and appetizers. It will be the perfect Hopscotch snack between Corrosion of Conformity at Pour House and Valient Thorr at Tir Na Nog on Friday night!

Here's our Full Preview of Bida Manda.

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  • hackles10
    09/04 01:38 PM

    Looking forward to seeing a menu.

  • Sampson Bo BO
    09/08 10:49 AM

    I went last night. It was an awesome vibe. Great drink menu. I had the beef basil. Yum!! Will definitely be going back!

    The menu is up on the website!

  • wolfpackgrrr
    09/17 09:33 AM

    The food was very good but man they really need to work on their price point. Prices were all over the map in relation to food quantity. We ordered two appetizers both in the $6.50 range. One was easily enough for the 4 of us, the other was barely enough for 2 people.

    The entrees were even crazier. One person ordered the basil beef, which I think was $13, and I would say that was a fair price. But another person ordered the green papaya salad with duck, at a whopping $17, and it was smaller than the basil beef. Say what? I think if they stuck with the $12 range on all their entrees and reworked some of their appetizer offerings they’ll do fine but at their current price structure a lot of people are going to go and say, “Wait, why did I pay 30% more here than I do at any Thai restaurant in the area for less food?” Because while it was good, I wouldn’t say it was so much better than other SE Asian restaurants around here to justify the higher prices.

  • francesco_zappa
    09/17 03:33 PM

    To do this food authentically might be an expensive proposition, I don’t know. Papayas for example might be tough to get good ones year round.

  • yeahright
    09/25 08:52 AM

    Thai restaurants around here seem to have no problem serving papaya salad for less than $17.

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