Brad Miller Not Running for North Carolina Governor

Brad Miller Not Running for North Carolina Governor

February, 16, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Last month, both Beverly Perdue and Brad Miller stated that they would both not be seeking reelection to their current political offices of Governor and Congress. The speculation heated up that Miller could step into the Governor race. But, today that speculation has been debunked and five-time Congressman Brad Miller will not seek the office of Governor of North Carolina.

That leaves the race open to the current candidates who have said they will run; Democrats Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, former Rep. Bob Etheridge and State Rep.  Bill Faison as well as Republican Pat McCrory, who Purdue defeated in 2008.


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  • Ryoichi
    04/19 06:18 AM

    about President Obama, not when he was a candidate and traceinly not now.As for your link:  First, I’m sorry your dad died, truly. Second, I have some concerns about your link, your story and the emotion contained therein, especially considering your post is anonymous even though you have made accusations against a few named individuals.  And I especially have problems with some of the heightened rhetoric.  It seems like campaigns are always power struggles internally, and you got the short end of the stick.  I don’t know you or the internal workings of the campaign, so I won’t pass judgment on any of it but it seems like the kind of personal disagreement that should be discussed individually.As for whether your previous blog posts could reflect on the campaign of course they could and you can’t blame anyone for reminding you of that.  I’ve lost a couple jobs recently because of this blog.  I understand that.  Part of speaking truth boldly is knowing that it comes with consequences.  When you are part of a business or a campaign you are not only representing yourself but the organization and those consequences won’t be just born by you, but potentially everyone involved.  When you recognize that, you realize you have to sometimes temper what you say, as you might be willing to face the consequences but you can’t force them on anyone else.Best of luck to you.  I do hope you reconsider and support Mr. Randall in the primary and the election.  Whether you do or not, I hope you find some peace with whatever happened.

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