CAM/now’s 2012 Costume Party is Sure to Surprise

CAM/now’s 2012 Costume Party is Sure to Surprise

October, 24, 2012, by David

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CAM's young professional group CAM/now has poured energy into making this year's halloween party their best yet.  This year's theme is the carnival of bizzare and beautiful, inspired by illustrations by local artist David Eichenberger.  For CAM/now the theme means they are going all out to turn CAM into the weirdest carnival in town.   Most anticipated on our list is Magic by Ernie,  but a whole slew of entertainers including acrobats, fourtune tellers and many more are bringing their freakiest to share with the crowd.  

CAM/now really pulled out all the stops to make this the can't miss party in Raleigh last year,  we don't expect anything less this year.  

For us the biggest draw is the overwhelming quality of costumes at the CAM/now party.  People come with their A game- putting together some beautifully crafted costumes.   For that reason CAM/now gives out multiple costume contest prizes in these categories:

“Best Carnival/Sideshow Theme” (Grand prize!)
“Least Likely to Take Home to Mom”
“Nerds Rule” (Best Geek Related)
“Work of Art” (Most Artistic/Creative)
“Smells like Team Spirit” (Best Couple/Crew)

We will be there, dressed as creatively as possible, and we hope to see you all too. 

Buy tickets and get more information on CAM's website.


See our slide show from last year:

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