Citrix Commits to Being One of the Biggest in Downtown

Citrix Commits to Being One of the Biggest in Downtown

June, 07, 2012, by David

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When Citrix snapped up Share File last year, we wondered what would happen to the tech startup.  Sharefile was a Raleigh based Duke alum's startup based around business data sharing. The legit version of sites like megaupload, Share File enables users to send each other large files - a nice compliment to Citrix's other collaboration products like GoTo Meeting.  Like most technology companies in the area- Share File existed in the periphery of the city, hidden in a business park, neither participating in the urban fabric nor leveraging the networking and recruiting benefits of a downtown location.  

Citrix on the other hand is doubling down on Raleigh and the downtown. The company announced earlier today that they would be adding 339 jobs in Raleigh and relocating their Raleigh offices downtown.  Once seen as an asset, the suburban nature of Research Triangle Park has created a cultural void that works against companies best recruiting efforts for generation Y. Downtown's cheap real estate, well equipped convention center, cultural attractions and youthful appeal makes it a no brainer-  the new work force prefers the urban experience and Citrix is one of the first brands from out of town to recognize this.  

Right now Citrix is hiring for 12 positions in Raleigh, but we only expect this list to grow with the impending investment.  With Red Hat on the way, years of effort on the part of citizens, politicians and arts groups are finally getting the economic validation they always promised. 

Update: According to Bob Geary over at the Independent, it looks like Citrix may be repurposing one of the old warehouse buildings in the Warehouse District that was meant for Union Station. If this is the case, Geary speculates that it means that Union Station is dead in the water. So, the great news of Cintrix coming to downtown could mean bad news for future public transit plans in the area.



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  • Liz
    06/07 04:08 PM

    Psst, “periphery.”

  • Liz
    06/07 04:08 PM

    Psst, “periphery.”

  • JeffS
    06/07 08:09 PM

    How nice of the city council to subsidize their office consolidation.

  • Justin
    06/08 08:26 AM

    Citrix plus Red Hat might lead to even more software and technology companies locating downtown. Once you hit a critical mass they act like gravity.

  • gspot
    06/08 09:13 AM

    i’m thrilled that something non-government is moving downtown, however…  you credit “years of efforts of ARTS groups” in this article and don’t even mention the tax incentive.  give me a break.  it’s the presence of new industry, like Citrix and Red Hat, that will drive the residential population and then drive the “arts,” not the other way around.  if it were all about networking and recruiting benefits and being in the midst of a cool vibe, then they’d move to Durham which already has a much better infrastructure for this.  nice try though.

  • Jane
    06/08 12:11 PM

    As a Generation Y “kid” that works in the Research Triangle Park and lives in downtown Raleigh, I actually enjoy and value the ability to have my work life and my social life in two separate places. If my employer decided to move downtown, my personal branding on the job would go down the toilet, as all this arts and cultural stuff…(and beer) would just get in the way.

  • Joe
    06/08 01:08 PM

    I’ve heard Citrix is moving into the old CenterLine building so the Union Station plan isn’t in jeopardy.

  • 1Imagination
    06/09 09:05 AM

    If the City owns the Centerline building, this would make sense.  I have some very reliable sources that confirmed its definitely in the warehouse district and are finalizing a deal with the City.

    With only $12.7MM to be spent, that building would require the least ‘upfitting’ compared to the buildings where 5 Star (best restaurant in the City) is located.

  • Sophia
    06/10 09:13 PM

    ShareFile was originally located on Glenwood South before moving out to the burbs for space. Now the company will make it’s triumphant return as part of Citrix.

    Sorry to go all corporate on y’all but it’s ShareFile, GoToMeeting & Citrix.

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