It’s Official: Citrix is Moving to Raleigh’s Warehouse District

It’s Official: Citrix is Moving to Raleigh’s Warehouse District

July, 30, 2012, by Jedidiah

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As speculated back in June, the data sharing tech company Citrix will indeed be moving into Raleigh's Warehouse District. Citrix will bring over 600 more workers downtown, including over 300 new jobs relative to their acquirement of Sharefile

The company's new location will be in the old Dillon Supply Warehouse on the Northwest corner of Hargett and West streets. Citrix will be spending over $12 million on the project and from the looks of the renderings, this new building will bring a much needed breath of fresh air and life into this corner of downtown. Trees on the street, rooftop gardens and we even hear of a yoga studio up there.

Expect the Citrix addition to the Warehouse District to be the first of many to FINALLY start using these fantastic buildings that are prime for tech companies. Surely many of these buildings qualify for tax incentives as well which could be very inticing for companies with cash and the hope for tax breaks.

With Red Hat moving downtown as well, the next few years could see more companies looking our way and more downtown development and entertainment to accomodate these thousands of new (and likely young) employees.

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  • SteelCity36
    07/30 04:22 PM

    Somebody needs to quickly tell these Citrix people that this warehouse district is in Raleigh and not Durham. It just doesn’t seem right that something this cool be located in Downtown Raleigh.

  • Mike Rotch
    07/30 04:28 PM

    Does this mean those dudes aren’t going to paint that corny mural on the side of the building any more?

  • RealCity36
    07/30 05:20 PM

    Haters gonna hate (Durham is an old tobacco town which got lucky that Raleigh became a major economic engine) , but seriously its great news that companies are abandoning the grassy 50 acre campus in order to move somewhere a little more vibrant. This is gonna help the warehouse district move forward economically buy creating a workforce which will buy stuff in a 5 min walking radius.

  • JK
    07/30 08:17 PM

    Goodbye to one of my favourite downtown structures. Like the mural wasn’t bad enough!

  • Mike Rotch
    07/31 08:09 AM

    JK, you know that they’re moving into the building, not tearing it down, right?

  • Mike
    07/31 08:11 AM

    Btw, the structure is staying with new windows being put in and essentially consolation all the existing skylights into a center skylight and rooftop structure - looks like a great adaptive reuse of the warehouse!  And the mural is on a different building.

  • jkrocks
    07/31 08:43 AM

    good luck ever getting a seat at the roast grill during the week.

  • netposer
    07/31 08:45 AM

    Makes sense now. For the past couple of months there has been a lot of activity in that building.

    And the past week I’ve seen security guards posted there during the day.

    Yesterday there was a generator across the street from Five Star providing power to the building.

  • Mr Holmes
    07/31 10:51 AM

    New jobs are great. I could care less about them keeping an old warehouse. Every city’s sentimental value over old buildings is sad. Save the old warehouses! but throughout the rest of the state let’s let money mongers destroy nature to build additional malls and houses that we don’t need while many houses go unsold/unused.

  • JK
    07/31 05:27 PM

    Mike, with the total renovation they may as well tear it down as far as I’m concerned. A perfect, clean, new-looking building is useless to me for photography.

  • Let's Hate Everything
    08/01 08:21 AM

    So, washing the brick and switching out the glass is the same thing as tearing down the building?  Wow.

  • DPK
    08/04 08:55 AM

    Just ignore JK, the user is obviously trolling.

  • ARthur
    08/06 03:44 PM

    This area will be nice one the new train station is built and if they move both bus stations to consolidate the exhanges of services.

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