CityCamp Raleigh this Weekend

May, 29, 2012, by David

CityCamp Raleigh this Weekend
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From the name, you might think CityCamp is some cousin of they occupy movement, but don't let the poor branding fool you.  City Camp is a gathering designed to improve our city by creating new technology tools. The organizers describe it this way:

    CityCamp Raleigh is three days of open sourced talks, workshops, and hands-on problem solving, to re-imagine the way the web, applications, technology, and participation will shape the future of our city.

And whether or not you know what open sourced is or not, City Camp is your chance to have an affect on the way the city actually works.  In the last few years the city has gotten more serious about digital solutions.  And while some of them have an air of big brother, such as see-click-fix, other ideas like sharing more civic data with the population are quite the opposite.

Ideas are the big challenge and that's why you don't need any geek skills to attend city camp.  Right now many of the ideas are pretty weak- things like working on the local wiki or ideas focused on tools that only benefit those who can afford smart phones.  The real challenge is creating technology ideas that are accessible and useful to all.  That's why your attendance is so important.  You can put the geek's talents to the best use by shaping ideas that truly benefit all citizens.

Even if you can't attend you can shape CityCamp by voting on issues you would like to see discussed.  The current list is pretty weak, let's help them out by getting some great ideas from New Raleigh readers in there.

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  • CityBeautiful21
    05/29 02:56 PM

    In five years all new phones will be smartphones, and something like 80% of the mobile-phone-owning population, even at low-income levels, will own smartphones in two or three years. 

    When you say “only those who can own smartphones,” you’re presently talking about 50 percent of all mobile phone users and over 60% of those under 35.

    Look up the stats.  Preparing city infrastructure for a smartphone-saturated populace is not a class issue. Or at least it will not be by the time many of these projects can be implemented.

  • David
    05/29 03:04 PM

    I am very familiar with the stats and yours are inflated. Public transit is used most by folks on the other side of the digital divide and it will continue to be that way.

  • Reid
    05/29 09:07 PM

    Not everyone is a geek! Let’s collectively construct a resource for Raleigh, since we can’t always count on commercial and government sites. NewRaleigh readers and staff, how can you help this Saturday to redesign the Raleigh homepage on Triangle Wiki to highlight the city’s history, culture, media, opinions, interesting characters and everything else we love about Raleigh.

  • Chad Foley
    05/29 09:43 PM

    Great article.  The thing I like most about Citycamp is the side conversations around it…what’s it all about and the ideas that come from these discussions.  Also, there’s a albeit limited, but generous bar tab at the Union on Friday night for those that register ;)

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