Disco Rodeo Rebrands Itself as The Ritz, Again
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Disco Rodeo Rebrands Itself as The Ritz, Again

September, 24, 2012, by Jedidiah

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photo credit Jake Seaton

Seven years ago, The Ritz, one of Raleigh's premier music clubs (at the time), rebranded itself as a Latin themed night club called Disco Rodeo. It continued to host rock shows, just not as its primary focus. 

Jake Seaton reports over at NBC17 that Disco Rodeo has renovated and will return to its Ritz roots, in name and possibly in shows as well. It seems that The Ritz will continue as a Latin club and continue to host bands that bring in more fans than most other Triangle venues can hold. The Ritz can hold 2,500 which is equal to Memorial Auditorium and three times the size of Cat's Cradle and Lincoln Theatre. 

The Ritz plans to host Passion Pit and Fun in the coming months.

Will the re-re-branding and remodeling help bring in more bands throughout the year? We hope so. 

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  • Brian
    09/25 01:11 AM

    As long as they got rid of that stupid raised dance floor.

  • Jess
    09/25 01:46 AM

    maybe they’ll join the modern world and have an actual website.

  • oakcity
    09/25 08:44 AM

    that dance floor is like a pit of death.

  • Kim W.
    09/25 01:28 PM

    I hope they make some of the renovations before the Fun. show!!!

  • Jake
    09/25 01:37 PM

    Kim W., the renovations are done. You can see some photos in my article that Jed linked to.

    Brian, the dance floor and railing are gone.

    And Jess, the owner told me she needs to get a website. So we’ll see.

  • Poseidon
    09/25 03:30 PM

    This place is one of the lamest clubs ever.  If you want bad sound and way overpriced beer, this is the ticket.  I vowed to never go there again after an inordinate wait to get b/c they decided to frisk people coming in for water or beer they might be sneaking into the club.  I can’t imagine why…maybe b/c they were asking $6 for an import beer like, uh, Corona?  Maybe the new owner will get a clue, but until then, this place is to be avoided like the plague.

  • matt
    09/25 03:44 PM

    Lookin’ RITZY

  • Jake
    09/25 03:59 PM

    Poseidon, it’s not under new ownership.

  • RB
    09/27 10:54 AM

    Why not combine two great names into one great name, sort of like what was done in the picture above?  “Disco Ritzeo” just rolls right off the tongue.

  • MC
    09/27 11:07 AM

    I haven’t been in years, primarily because of that dangerous raised floor, so I’m glad to hear its gone. Still won’t go back unless I really, really, really want to see the band.

    I couldn’t tell you the last band I saw there, but I remember very clearly how miserable I was all evening because I was at the front edge of that damn platform. As the crowd shifted throughout the show I was forced off and on it multiple times and was constantly having to focus on not falling and helping other people who HAD fallen.

    Plus, Disco Rodeo was a terrible name.

  • Santa
    10/01 10:27 PM

    Poseidon, you really must be living under water if you think that they a frisking at the door to check for people sneaking in drinks, concealed deadly weapon… heard of it?

  • Seann
    10/05 01:40 PM

    As long as this place got the A/C fixed. Used to be a sweatbox!

  • brian_M2
    10/05 02:44 PM

    I saw Hole there, and Erykah Badu there. Let’s get back to that level of stuff, please.

  • Poseidon
    10/08 03:40 PM

    “Poseidon, you really must be living under water if you think that they a frisking at the door to check for people sneaking in drinks, concealed deadly weapon… heard of it?”

    I’ve been frisked once, maybe twice, in triangle area clubs over the past 20 yrs.  I doubt a dbl bill of Interpol and Blonde Redhead really brings in concealed weapons.  Yes, so it’s a bigger venue than most, but similar sized places don’t frisk either, so it suggests, at best, that they’re worried about lawsuits/insurance/etc.  I think a more likely scenario is that they don’t know anything nor care about the bands they book, since most the shows they used have of any interest were usually brokered by the Cat’s Cradle.
    It’s a place to only frequent if you absolutely love the band they’ve booked and just have to see them.  Anything less than that - caveat emptor.

  • arubberdonkey
    10/29 10:58 AM

    LMAO to the “disco ritzeo” comment.

    i wish i could buy this dump.  it could EASILY take all the traffic from raleigh amphitheater and time warner pavillion.  since it’s a smaller venue you could easily sell higher ticket prices for great lineups

  • Carl
    12/27 09:47 AM

    I’m just so angry. Grrrrrrrr. New businesses…...arrrrrrrrggghh !!!!
    More places to go…...I AM SO ANGRY !!!!!!!!!

  • john b
    02/25 10:54 PM

    this isn’t a new business. it’s an old crappy one that can’t seem to figure out how to get its act together despite multiple attempts.

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