Divine Fits and Cold Cave Sunday at Lincoln Theatre

Divine Fits and Cold Cave Sunday at Lincoln Theatre

October, 24, 2012, by Jedidiah

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"I feel guilty for being alive, when so many beautiful people have died…" are the beginning lines of Cold Cave's infectious dance tune Confetti off their newest album, Cherish the Light Years. Those two lines sum up the feeling for most of Cold Cave's reflective, yet poignant songs that are full of energy, emotion and passion. I raved about Cold Cave's performance at The Pour House during Hopscotch 2011 and still think it was the best show I have seen at all three of the festivals in Downtown Raleigh.

The duo of Wesley Eisold (Give Up the Ghost, XO Skeletons, Some Girls) and Dominick Fernow (who also records as Prurient, Ash Pool, Vatican Shadow) have created a collection of songs together over the past few years that seamlessly mix their backgrounds of hardcore and drone electo into new wave tunes that demand as much from your feet as they do your mind. Joining Eisold on this tour will be musicians from a handful of other love bands, including London May (Samhain), Hunter Burgan (AFI), Dave Stone (LCD Soundsystem/Melvins) & Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love). And, it doesn't seem that Fernow will be on this tour, so expect a different edge to the Cold Cave tunes, less electro, more punk.

Cold Cave at The Pour House

Similar to Cold Cave, Divine Fits is a collaboration between musicians who bide their time in other, quite popular, bands. Divine Fits is the new band from Britt Daniel (Spoon) and Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade / Handsome Furs). As expected, the music that makes up the debut album by Divine Fits moves between the sounds that characterized both Spoon and Wolf Parade's tunes. Similar to Cold Cave, there's as much of a nervous energy to the songs as there is intellectual rigor for how the songs are composed and lyrics attached.

Weaving in and out of electro-pop and indie-rock, sometimes it feels like a greatest hits album of both Wolf Parade and Spoon. There's the jagged guitar in Flaggin' a Ride that recalls 'Kill the Moonlight' Spoon and the eerie electro beat that begins the album on 'My Love is Real' that would feel perfectly place on 2009's 'Face Control'. Pure post-modernism at work on the album, overlapping styles to make new songs that relate both to their own backgrounds as well as new creations.

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Lincoln Theatre has started booking more shows that have the possibility of packing the venue multiple times each week. This is one of those. Combining the history of the two co-leaders of each band creates a resume that anyone would want on a bill venue in any city in the US. From the die-hard fans of the indie-pop of Spoon to those with hardcore and new wave backgrounds, there's a cross section of music fans that can meet in the middle at this show. Dark, yet full of pop hooks. 

Divine Fits and Cold Cave play Lincoln Theatre on Sunday, October 28th. Tickets are available over at Lincoln's website for $16.

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