Historic Dix Vote Paves way for Raleigh’s Central Park

Historic Dix Vote Paves way for Raleigh’s Central Park

December, 04, 2012, by Khaner

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In a news release today, the NC Council of state approved the Dix Park proposal - effectively preserving the 300-plus acres located at the campus and setting it aside to create a Destination Park for countless generations to enjoy.

“After years of thoughtful discussion and deliberation, it’s time to continue moving forward on transferring the Dix property to the City of Raleigh,” said Gov. Bev Perdue in the release. “The plan is the most appropriate way of preserving this open space as a park, while at the same time providing revenue to the state.”

Under the approved propsal, the land will be leased to the City of Raleigh starting December 31, 2012 for a price of $68 million during the next 75 years.

Gov. Perdue addresses media after Council of State vote

With the agreement in place, the Raleigh City Council's first step will be to undertake the master planning process that will determine what the park will look like, its features, and other operational details.

"I am thrilled for all the people of North Carolina and Raleigh," said Greg Poole Jr, chairman of the Dix Visionaries. "I am so excited for where we are and this very historic decision. We are off and rolling now!"


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  • Megan
    12/04 02:08 PM

    YAY!!!!!!!  What a wonderful decision :)

  • frank
    12/04 05:03 PM

    I swear I heard Smedes York screaming this afternoon. I sat through the bogus Blue Ribbon panel that him and the other real estate vultures set up with their multipurpose plan for single unit houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, tearing down the farmer’s market to build a upscale strip mall and a little portion for a park.

    I’m happy it’s not going to be covered with North Hills Jr.

  • Phille
    12/04 08:54 PM

    Sigh.  It’s probably a little too late to start snapping up those houses across Lake Wheeler from the future park.  A little gentrification will do that area well.

  • john b
    12/06 05:33 PM

    i like the comprehensive study that divided the land to ncsu, some housing, redo farmers market, and you still have 200 acres. there is already power, water, and sewer in place from all the half-way houses that were torn down.

  • john b
    12/06 05:37 PM

    there will have to be a huge amount of demolition of dozns of derelict buildings. Isn’t it convenient that the #1 sponsor of the park is the largest heavy machinery guy in the area? Gregory Poole Equipment Co.  Also, what would the sale price have been? $68 million is a hell of a risk if a future governor decides to take the land back.

  • john b
    12/06 05:39 PM

    The redevelopment of the Farmers Market would greatly accelerate development from Caraleigh all the wayy to State st. Think about the lack of grocery and walkable restaurants in that area now.

  • JMP
    12/06 08:48 PM

    To echo many of the sentiments in comments floating around, the touting of Dix as a “destination park” for visitors statewide is ludicrous. Similarly, the comparisons to the great public spaces of Central Park, Millenium, or Presidio are equally poor arguments.  A better comparison, at best, would be Piedmont Park in Atlanta (a pastoral design, former farmland, 1 mile from downtown, with a mix of flexible and programmed uses).  Even Piedmont is more urban and in a relatively dense neighborhood with commercial/mixed-use space nearby to the west of the park.  Outside of Raleigh’s small downtown core and few other development nodes, it is a decidedly suburban city in nature. 

    With that being said, the decision to create a park out of the Dix property was undoubtedly the right decision, and its success will ultimately come down to the various stakeholder’s (City, State, CACs, advocates, etc) willingness to fully-embrace an innovative DESIGN of the park and its context. Preservationists may push for maintaining the entire park as-is with its wide fields, majestic trees, and picturesque pathways.  This, in my opinion, would be a complete failure.  The same twelve people that use the park now (a couple guys who fly R/C planes, the Boylan residents who let their dogs run and poop) would continue to be the sole users.  There are already areas within the park that will be forced to be preserved due to being in a floodplain or built upon landfill.

    If the city wants a true URBAN park (and one that caters to all Raleigh residents, not just the ITB folks), it will need to utilize the remaining areas as high-volume, revenue-generating, and aesthetically bold uses.  This not only means re-purposing the existing buildings for adaptive re-use, but targeting strategic areas to build dense commercial space (restaurant, grocery, entertainment, etc) within, and/or immediately adjacent to, the park.  With a healthy $3mill so graciously set aside for planning by Mr. Poole and others, it would greatly benefit the city to reach out to the most innovative urban design firms (ie, MVA, Field Operations, West 8, SWA…) rather than settling for the antiquated status quo of design that is rampant in North Carolina.  A symbiotic blend of modern urban space as a public-private partnership (and economic engine) with a beautiful park-like setting could potentially satisfy the right (lovers of God/money) and the left (lovers of trees/squirrels).  Everyone in Raleigh would live happily ever after.

    12/07 03:06 PM

    In 2021 the Hurricanes and SEC member NCSU will need new downtown mega-stadiums.  This land will work nicely.  Maybe the Yankee population here can reach critical mass and we will get MLB too.

  • OCFC
    12/11 03:53 PM

    Perfect place for a MLS soccer stadium. Bring in revenue, and give downtown Raleigh sports entertainment.

  • GuyMordecai
    12/11 08:59 PM

    Soccer is so dated. I think we should fence the whole thing off and do hunger games there a few times a year.

  • commercial property raleigh
    12/27 06:54 PM

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