Dos Taquitos Centro Changes Name to Centro

Dos Taquitos Centro Changes Name to Centro

March, 14, 2012, by Jedidiah

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We were there the day that Dos Taquitos Centro opened its new location, back in 2007, and have been in love with the restaurant ever since. Owner Angela Salamanca provides some of the best Mexican food in town and continues to shift the menu options, keeping downtown's taste buds fresh. Oh, and we haven't even started on their cocktails.

Today, Salamanca and the Centrol Familia sent out an email saying that they are rebranding themselves and changing the name of the resturant to, simply, CentroThis new branding effort is an attempt to alleviate confusion before the downtown location and the North Raleigh Dos Taquitos. We don't expect too much to change at the restaurant, except for a new name and probably a new, fantastic, Spring menu next Wednesday, March 21st. 

Now, if we could just get her to open up a small pop-in burrito shop, downtown's Mexican palate will be complete.

Here's the letter below:

To Our Dear Customers,

When Dos Taquitos Centro first opened its doors in the Fall of 2007, much of what we did was inspired by and grown from the soul of Dos Taquitos in North Raleigh. Their hard work and reputation gave us the opportunity to independently open a restaurant with a level of creative freedom that has allowed us to evolve into the place that we are today. We will always be thankful for that.

While we have always been independent, through the years, there has been a bit of confusion surrounding who we are, understandably. As we have continued to innovate and grow in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, our restaurant has become a unique reflection of who we are, our customers, and the community surrounding us.

We are blessed that so many of you have embraced us, allowing us to continue to innovate and fine-tune what we do. With this natural progression, the time has come to simply update our name and identity to better reflect who we are and what this restaurant truly is---a place that has grown from our hearts.

At the core of all of this, the name is all that is changing. Our mission to serve you the best locally-sourced Mexican and Latin American cuisine, innovative margaritas and cocktails, and to give back to our wonderful community remains the same. Centro is here today because of you, and for that, we are forever grateful.

The Centro Familia



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  • I'maSweetsin
    03/14 02:14 PM

    Nothing else going on in Raleigh this week?

  • carl
    03/16 08:02 AM

    Elton John is going to kill it at RBC tonight.
    Afterward he’s going to go get a plate of rice and beans from Centro for sixteen dollars.

  • Seann
    03/16 12:31 PM

    ^ Haters gonna hate!

  • Renpark John
    03/19 09:49 PM

    Call it CENTRO or whatever you want - as long as Angela is there, along with Natalia and Keith and Gabriela and Amy and all the others who names I haven’t learned, I will be there every week to sample their great food and ah yes - those unique and wonderful margaritas!

  • hater
    03/28 12:53 PM

    Is this really news? This has to be the lamest website I have ever seen. “OMG- Raleigh band member was spotted at Brooklyn party wearing Raleigh Denim Jeans. New Raleigh blogger stunned.” WTF is going on here???

  • fail
    04/01 10:40 AM

    what’s happened to newraleigh in the past year?  Its like the whole website is one big April Fools joke.

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