Dos Taquitos Xoco Coming to Glenwood South

Dos Taquitos Xoco Coming to Glenwood South

August, 23, 2012, by Jedidiah

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photo by John Morris from Goodnigh, Raleigh!

Finally a restaurant that might stick in the the former Hard Times Chili space. It was announced today that Dos Taquitos owners will be teaming up with Hibernian owners to create a Mexican restaurant, called Dos Taquitos Xoco, in the space that was most recently The Diner (which closed last November) and before that, Hard Times Chili (which closed in 2009) in the Creamery Building.

I expect this to be a huge hit on Glenwood and this space. One of the only restaurant types not present on Glenwood is proper Mexican (unless you consider the tex-mex of Armadillo Grill....but this will surely be different).

From Triangle Business Journal: 

Dos Taquitos restaurateur Carlos Salamanca will oversee the menu, the kitchen and the dining room, while the Hibernian Co. will manage the business end, Barfield said. The new restaurant is set up as a separate limited liability company.

The “Xoco” in the name is derived from an Aztec word meaning “little sister,” a tip of the sombrero to the original Dos Taquitos on Creedmoor Road, about one mile north of Crabtree Valley Mall.

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  • @realmrobson
    08/23 03:36 PM

    I don’t get why they dropped the Dos Taquitos name from the downtown location then?

    But anyway good for Glenwood. Hope it sticks

  • BearPwn
    08/23 03:53 PM

    Proper Mexican not present on Glenwood South? isn’t Cantina South right there; or did that close already?

  • hackles10
    08/23 03:57 PM

    Cantina South sucks…I think it closed, but if it hasn’t yet, it will soon.  I mean it was terrible, and overpriced which is a bad combination.  I’m not even that picky, used a groupon last time I went there and still left disappointed!

  • Fred
    08/23 04:05 PM

    Dos Taquitos Centro changed their name to avoid confusion with their uncles’ place up north on Creedmore.  Centro is owned by the nieces of DTC, although their uncles may have some ownership in Centro.  Ultimately, Centro is a different restaurant, different menu.

  • Rick
    08/23 08:45 PM

    Yeah, Cantina South is gone

  • Pollos hermanos
    08/24 08:41 AM

    Never been too big of a fan of dos taquitos at creedmoor.  Every time I’ve been there I’ve felt I paid too much for the quality of food I’ve been given.  Let’s hope this location gets it right. 

    I wonder if they’re borrowing the name from the wildly successful Xoco in Chicago?

  • Mikey B
    08/24 09:11 AM

    Any idea on when Dos Taquitos Xoco is hoping to open?

  • Ed Wood
    08/28 03:24 PM

    This might bring me back to Glenwood south again, awesome. I love both Dos Taquitos, so hopefully this will be be just as good.

    It’ll be nostalgic to be in that space because I thought Hard Times Cafe was great.

    ((((((((((( 1940’s Frito Pie )))))))))))

  • Ed Wood
    08/28 03:26 PM

    >>>>Xoco in Chicago?

    Never been there but Adobo next to Second City might be the best Mex/S. American restaurant on the planet.

  • lynne
    02/11 09:32 AM

    When will this spot open?  We tried calling this past weekend, but no answer.  I love the Creedmoor Rd. spot, but the other downtown spot, not so much!

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