Downtown Raleigh Parking Decks May Soon Be Getting Ads

September, 14, 2012, by Jedidiah

Downtown Raleigh Parking Decks May Soon Be Getting Ads
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It looks like the City of Raleigh will be making some money off of ads that will soon appear on parking decks that they own. Buried deep within the September 18th agenda for the Raleigh City Council is a memo that the City of Raleigh has pursued four different vendors and settled on a company called AdWalls to install advertising banners inside of six parking decks in downtown. 

Full text fromt the agenda below:

Advertising in City Parking Decks

A Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide deck advertising in six of the City’s parking decks was issued. On April 17, 2012 a pre-proposal teleconference was held in which four vendors participated. Subsequent to the teleconference only one vendor submitted a proposal. After reviewing and evaluating the proposal and a later presentation, it is the unanimous decision of staff that AdWalls, LLC provides the best solution to facilitate a new source of revenue for the off street parking program. This proposal was also reviewed and is supported by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance which will have representation on the ad approval committee along with two city staff members. No funding is required for the contract since there is no cost or financial risk to the City. AdWalls will be solely responsible to install, maintain, and remove all ads. The City will receive 30% of all advertising revenue generated by AdWalls based on the amount of blank wall and column space provided for ads in the decks.

Recommendation: Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with AdWalls, LLC to provide advertising in six parking decks.

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