Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District Gets Its Own Website

Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District Gets Its Own Website

March, 21, 2012, by Jedidiah

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One day you'll get tired of hearing about Raleigh's Warehouse District from New Raleigh. Maybe you already are. But, it is one of the fastest growing districts in downtown and has accumulated a handful of great businesses and galleries over the past few years. 

Fittingly, Gamil Design, who work out of Designbox in the Warehouse District, decided to 'organize the neighbors and showcase neighborhood' highlights in one location on the web. is a work in progress but currently points Raleigh residents and vistors to all of the new, and old, attractions that are present within the approximately six square blocks just West of Nash Square. There's a map of the area's businesses, a news section and each of the business sectors have their own tab (Retail, Eat/Drink, Art, etc.). The City Market area has a similar online presence.

There's more to come from the folks at Gamil Design, who have many plans for the site as the district grows. We look forward to seeing more businesses pop up in the area and see the site grow to reflect the continuous boom in the area. 

The site is a comprehensive directory of businesses open to the public, categorized by type of offering, such as Retail, Art, Eats & Drinks, and Nightlife. Each company page gives a glimpse of what that place is like, and provides hours of operation, contact info and links to the company site, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Twitter is a big part of the excitement of the site. The site features an aggregated Twitter feed of places in the district so visitors can find out what is happening NOW, and get a bit of the personality of the community. Once a web visitor arrives on a specific company’s individual page, the featured Twitter feed is specific to that company, so they can get an idea of what big events might be coming or what specials are current at that location.

The community focus of the neighborhood is celebrated with the Raleigh Warehouse District Flickr group. Images added to this group on Flickr are featured at random on the site’s gallery page. There is also a “badge” page on the website where the neighborhood businesses as well as the public can download image icon badges to be a part of promoting the district.

Check out the site over at

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  • Sippan Hatterade
    03/21 02:19 PM

    not sure if it “needs” a website

    in other news

    Durham is still Dirty

    Carrboro still full of Hippies

    also why are all the Art Galleries soo terrible

    no one wants crappy post modern or sailboat paintings !!!

  • gspot
    03/21 02:22 PM

    after a little shopping at goodwill, i’ll saunter down to the ugly monkey

  • gsopot
    03/21 02:33 PM

    is rebus works really considered to be in the “warehouse district?”  or… is it actually in boylan heights, but functions as an embassy of the warehouse district?

  • Arthur
    03/21 03:01 PM

    This site probably will die with its time to pay for it like the Moore’s Square Art Distict website.

  • Matt
    03/21 04:00 PM

    This is a great new site about a growing area of downtown!

  • netposer
    03/22 01:53 PM

    Will they list Goodwill and Our Place on the site?

  • Vans
    03/27 03:44 PM

    An Inspiring area, waiting to blossom.
    My boyfriend and I are excited to bring some NYC zest to the area!!!

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