First Friday Agenda: Flanders, DesignBox

First Friday Agenda: Flanders, DesignBox

June, 01, 2012, by David

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Olek - Front of Flanders Gallery Photo by Bryan Reagan

Jonathan Brilliant

Matthew Curran

Tonight's First Friday is - as usual - dominated by Flanders progressive presentation of contemporary work.  The show, called Make Ends Meet features artists Matthew Curran and Jonathan Brilliant of Raleigh along with Polish artist Olek. The group presents a textured body of work that completely consumes the Flanders building.  A new body of Curran's exsquisite large scale stencil work adorns the walls surrounding sculptures by the other two artists. Brilliant constructs volumous popscicle sculptures that grow from the floor and take on flowing organic forms.  Perhaps the most striking part of the show though, is Olek's obsessive woven coverings- completely painting the front of the gallery and found objects inside.  Between the three artists, Flanders has put together one of the most exciting shows of the year.


Another great show is right down the street at DesignBox - Pat Fitzgerald's Pleasurable Perplexions.  More humble in scale, but just as inspiring, Professor Patrick Fitgerald of NC State Design School presents his latest in hybridized imagery.  Consistently one of the most prolific and evolving artists working at NC State, Fitzgerald continues to explore the vibration between traditional image making and the generative and manipulative qualities of digital process.  Fitzgerald's empathy for the next man and his synesthesia like expression of emotion come together to create something youthful, contemporary and completely unique. 

Also, if you are willing to pay admission,  CAM Raleigh has a new show as of mid may- artist Jose Lerma presents The Credentialist exciting sculpture and illustration work to CAM. 

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  • Bill
    06/04 09:23 AM

    Thanks for posting this.  It is the type of local information that I look for in New Raleigh.  I skip right over the movie reviews - I never liked the local movie reviews in the N&O either.  Let’s please see more local news.  What’s going on with David Meeker’s purchase of the West Morgan Street Center?  What type of retail will be in the new complex being built next to irregardless on Morgan St?  Does the city plan to have light rail travel down Morgan Street in the future?  I think that’s the sort of thing people look to New Raleigh for and we look to Rotten Tomatoes, or Roger Ebert for movie reviews.

  • Rtpgreen
    06/05 07:53 AM

    If you mean killing it, you are incorrect. Jonathan Brilliant is a lukewarm facsimile of Tara Donovan and Matthew Curran rips of Swoon on a daily basis. More like copying it. You really need to get out of Raleigh and do your homework. Olek quite impressive.

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    06/07 08:32 AM

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