Food Truck Rodeo and Gouge Wrestling at Rebus Works Thursday

Food Truck Rodeo and Gouge Wrestling at Rebus Works Thursday

June, 05, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Back in April, Rebus planned a Food Truck event with Gouge Wrestling. Unfortunately, the weather cancelled the wrestling but the food trucks lived on throughout the evening. This time, Rebus returns with a bigger line-up of food and festivities and the weather looks gorgeous for Thursday. So check out some tacos, piledrivers and art! Also, be sure to check out the Saturday Market at Rebus Works each week. 

Food Truck Rodeo w/ Gouge Wrestling 

Thursday, June 7th 5-9pm

Free family fun event. The food trucks have offered to donate some of their profit to help pay for wrestling and the rest will go towards The Saturday Market.

GOUGE will present an allstar show at Rebus Works in Raleigh.
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr vs Lou Marconi
Mickey Gambino vs Mike West
Plus Seymour Snott, The Taker, Gluteus Maximas, Otto Schwanz, Baon von Fox and more
Not a rasslin fan? How about great food truck food, cold beer and a nice spring evening outdoors. Maybe check out some really cool art at Rebus as well.

American Meltdown
Triangle Raw Foodist
Captain Poncho's Tacos
Sunset Slush of North Raleigh – Classic Italian Ice
Klausies Pizza
Sympathy for the Deli
Roth Brewing Co

HOUSE OF SWANK yurt will be selling and playing. Check out the 919 Y' all, Cackalacky, Pass the Bacon, and *new* Rise and 'Shine shirt there.

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