Free DiggUp Tapes Show Series Saturday at Kings Barcade

Free DiggUp Tapes Show Series Saturday at Kings Barcade

August, 02, 2012, by Jedidiah

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The DiggUp Tapes crew return to Kings Barcade again this Saturday with another fantastic lineup of bands for a free show.

DiggUp Tapes Show Series

FREE thanks to our sponsors! ($5 for under 21)

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Nice Price Books & Records 
New Raleigh



Raleigh - Boone - Everywhere NC

This young Raleigh quintet named themselves after an experimental early-’60s writers group that included the novelists Georges Perec and Italo Calvino, who relied on constrained writing techniques to play with — and revitalize — the traditional format of the novel. (Perec’s Life, A User’s Manual, structured around a single moment in time, is the most famous example). It’s a stretch to suggest Oulipo have managed to do the same with music after just one EP. (Another is in the works, and the new “Tectonic” single is dubby-riffic!)

The band’s particular constraints are that the members go to different colleges in the Carolinas and record on limited equipment — main-man Ryan Trauley’s recording technique consists of a camcorder microphone and video-editing production program. Whatever they’re doing, they should keep it up.

They’re working the same polyrhythmic/tribal territory as bands like Yeasayer, Le Loup and Animal Collective. The five songs on Oulipo’s That Is What I Said (And I Dove Into the Water) blend some neat inspirations — J Dilla loops and beats, Caribou textures, Talking Heads structures — into a fresh sonic tableau that’s best when it stretches out from twitchy dance rhythms into hypnotic psychedelic territories. The results are remarkably mature for a debut and a lot more interesting than Animal Collective’s repetitive glo-stick shtick.
-John Schacht



Hailing from Greensboro, a city in the state of North Carolina in the United States on the planet Earth, Casual Curious is group of five human beings that get together to write, record, and perform socially acceptable organized sound. Casual Curious has had several forms over the past couple years of it's existence, but it is typically directed by a specific human known as, T. Lee Gunselman. Their sounds typically induces physical movement, biological reactions affecting mood, as well as stimulating cognitive activity that may lead other humans to reflect on their day-to-day behaviors and activities.



Downtempo beatshiek Nikhil Shah aka Holygrailers blends sparse samples of jazz and soul music to create balmy compositions that leave you as woozy as an Ambien-fueled sextravaganza.

"You might want to look out for North Carolina producer Holygrailers this year, having put out few, but indeed amazing beats" -- No Fear of Pop

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