Gong Show this Thursday, July 19th at Kings

Gong Show this Thursday, July 19th at Kings

July, 16, 2012, by Vince

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A question for the ages:  To be gonged, or not to be gonged…well, let me answer that for you:  you don't want to be gonged.  If you have a fondness for variety game shows from the 1970's, then you know the deal when it comes to the The Gong Show.  For those who need a recap:  Contestants compete for a panel of celebrity judges in an attempt to win awesome prizes (like cash, for instance) or be gonged on stage in shame.

When the show first aired, judges had to wait 20 seconds before they could gong an act.  This time was deemed too short, as it did not let contestants get their act going, so to speak.  As the show progressed, time was extended to 30 seconds and then 45.  There were some contestants that would deliberately stop performing just before the 45-second rule kicked in.  If you were one of those contestants, you were disqualified immediately.  Contestants won't be able to get away with that kind of jejune tactic on Thursday, either.

There is no talent too stupid, no skill too weird for the Gong show stage.  If you were fortunate to see this spectacle at Kings last year or at its previous downtown spot, you no doubt witnessed the likes of gnarly skateboard tricks, doing the Worm through pizzas, Tuvan throat-singing, impressive displays of etch-a-sketch skills, the worlds greatest athlete taking a bong hit out of a 7 foot bong(!) and appearances by the local unknown comic to name a few. 

More wild talents are sure to be displayed Thursday night.  I pose another question:  Are you willing to test your talent against the mighty and all judging Gong?

The Gong Show takes place this Thursday, July 19th at Kings, starting at 9pm.  Doors open at 8:30pm.  Kings is located at 14 W. Martin Street in Raleigh.  $5 entry fee for contestants.  Register at kingsgameshows@gmail.com.  Slots may also be available day of show.  For more information, please visit their website at kingsbarcade.com.

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