Governor Beverly Perdue, Representative Brad Miller Give Up
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Governor Beverly Perdue, Representative Brad Miller Give Up

January, 26, 2012, by David

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Perdue Doesn't Have the Support

This morning's leaked news from state Democratic party insiders came as a surprise: Governor Beverly Perdue and Representative Brad Miller won't be seeking re-election. 

Governor Perdue is only in her first term and while many have painted it as a failure, we can't help but wonder what it is we don't know that is leading to this decision.  Public Policy Polling is citing an initially very high disapproval rating of 55%, "after a disastrous legislative session where she appeared weak and indecisive" in 2009.  But PPP goes on to say that Perdue closed 2011 with higher overall approval,  the result of an agressive fight against Republican education cuts. 

So now we know Pat McCory will be the Republican Candidate, but the Democratic nominee remains anyone's guess.  No one has McCory's name recognition outside of Erskine Bowles.  PPP puts Democrats' chance at keeping the Governor seat at less than 50%.

Congressman Brad Miller Out

Five time Congressman Brad Miller's reasons for not seeking re-election aren't so simple.  New Republican drawn district lines put Miller and David Price in the same district.  Allies and friends with Price, Miller has decided not to run again.  Miller is beloved within Raleigh and is highly visible, but Price has what some say is a stronger following in Durham and Orange Counties. The two running against each other in a primary would have been a non-starter as Miller felt he had no chance against the stronger Price. Not only that, but he wouldn't have enjoyed it: "There would be no joy in this campaign."

Miller for Governor?

This morning when asked if he would run for Governor, Miller said that he had no idea Perdue's announcement was coming. Miller also said he hasn't thought about running for governor.

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  • Artie
    01/26 01:11 PM

    Brad Miller would make an excellent Governor.

  • David
    01/26 01:12 PM

    @ Removed Glen comment.  Thanks.  Definitely, way too much!

  • Reality
    01/26 03:55 PM

    I heard Obama is next.

  • DBrewer
    01/26 03:57 PM

    “PPP puts Democrats’ chance at keeping the Governor seat at less than 50%.”

    If Purdue had stayed in the race, that percentage would have been 0%.
    She can now go enjoy her unc basketball season tickets along with Easley, Nifong, Edwards, and (next year) Ruffin Poole.

  • matt
    01/26 04:01 PM

    McCrory. Not “McCory”.

  • ct
    01/26 05:05 PM

    Perdue faced reality, including the strong feelings within her own party that she was destined for defeat by McCrory. LIkewise for Miller, if he ran against Price in a primary.

    Republicans would have to screw up big to lose the new Congressional District 13 that Miller is leaving. Of course, it happens occasionally.

    Miller will be back in Congress as soon as Price decides to retire. I doubt Miller will run for governor; he has little statewide name recognition and no statewide organization in place.

    Perdue is presumably finished in electoral politics.

  • TSnow27604
    01/26 10:18 PM

    Bowles or Roy Cooper would be excellent choices in my opinion.

    As for Miller, somebody tell me anything he did while in Congress?

  • Phillo
    01/27 11:54 AM

    “For Raleigh and NC this could mark a permanent shift in political control of the state government.” 
    I unable to find anything in the article suggesting that there is a possibility that there will never be another Democrat in control of state government. 
    Bad tag line.  Bad.  Now go to your room.

  • Phil S
    01/27 06:08 PM

    An interesting twist to this news: maybe now more democrats will show up at the primary to vote against the Gay Marriage Ban:

  • Arthur
    01/30 12:48 PM

    I loved watching Bev stick it to the good ol’ boy network!

  • hhh
    02/01 04:48 PM

    Terrible facelift.  She looks like the Joker.

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