Huge 200 Foot BEST Dillon Supply Building Mural Coming to Warehouse District

Huge 200 Foot BEST Dillon Supply Building Mural Coming to Warehouse District

July, 23, 2012, by Jedidiah

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That mural above, coming soon to DTR

We are a huge fan of Downtown Raleigh murals and think there aren't enough of them, as well as public art in the grid. Despite the few murals that are present in downtown and all of the forgotten painted ads, Raleigh could use a few more. Luckily, a handful of public art projects over the past few years have expanded the color of building facades, namely the L Building Banners, the Shimmer Wall and the lately the BEST (Beautifying Emerging Spaces Together) crew's projects. 

The latest BEST project will encompass a full 200 foot elevation of one of the Dillon Supply Company warehouses in the Warehouse District. The crew are looking for some support and help on the project later this week. They will host a fundraising event at Spy Raleigh and need your help. Any financial help allows the group to buy materials and supplies to create the mural. As goes it in the era of crowd sourced projects, there are also incentives for putting money down (including your face on the mural!). Go over the DLA's website for a full description of the project and check out the event Friday night from 6-9pm.

Read more about the BEST crew here.

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  • JK
    07/24 09:31 PM

    The mural is lovely, but I’m very, very fond of the building’s current rusted doors, exposed bricks and shimmering, cracked windowpanes. It’s one of my favourite places to photograph downtown; I think it’s absolutely beautiful as-is and will miss it.

  • Jason!
    07/24 10:13 PM

    I too will miss the colors of this building. Public art is great, but I hope every vacant building in the city isn’t painted over. these places, especially in the warehouse district, usually have a lot of character and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.

  • Jackie Knoff
    07/25 09:14 AM

    The building doesn’t need painting.  Especially if you can’t even pay for it yourself and are asking for other people to fund your little pet project.

  • Robyn
    07/25 02:22 PM

    I would concur with those that prefer the ambiance and character of the old warehouses and just leave the area as is!  What has been done thus far is great and is in keeping with the original purpose of the area. I would walk through there now! :)
    My preference, other than a mural would be to add a little landscaping, old style awnings, or old style signage of some type just to “green/brighten up” the area with out taking away from the industrial feel of the area.

  • DUH
    07/26 05:22 AM

    Keep the warehouse as is.  There is a reason it is called the warehouse district, and not Artspace…

  • David T
    07/26 11:51 AM

    Put the mural somewhere else.  That is a cool looking warehouse.  I would like to see more murals downtown, but definitely not on the old warehouse buildings.

  • Norma Stits
    07/26 12:11 PM

    Please don’t cover up one of the coolest looking old buildings in town witha a junior high art projet.  This initiative is completely misguided.

  • dlw
    07/29 10:22 AM

    Agree with Norma and the rest who say leave the building as it stands!  Why is it that the people who come up with these ideas never seem to ask those of us who actually live downtown for our input?  I guess it is easier to just ask for our money.

  • c.earley
    08/01 10:12 AM

    so they’re gonna paint the raleigh dt skyline on a building in dt raleigh.  seems repetitive.  just leave a postcard with directions to boylan brewpub and get the real deal with a pint

  • Sylvie
    08/08 08:02 PM

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    08/08 11:54 PM

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