McClatchy Expands Debt Burden Through New Raleigh Aquisition

McClatchy Expands Debt Burden Through New Raleigh Aquisition

April, 01, 2012, by Khaner

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For the better part of a decade, we at New Raleigh have been happy to bring you news we thought mattered the most to our little section of the verse. We’ve crawled through Raleigh’s sewers, tracked barrel monster sightings, and at times have been criticized for being too hyper-local. Through it all, New Raleigh has been a labor of love for many of us, and just as the site has evolved during the years, the site continues to change.

In a news release distributed today, New Raleigh announced with the McClatchy Company, the sale of its Website to the group. In an all cash exchange, New Raleigh will eventually replace McClatchy’s property along with integrating its content with that of the News & Observer.  New Raleigh's superior interface design, social media strategy and general standards of web fluency will become the template for McClatchy's web strategy.  For McClathy's part, New Raleigh will be educated in basic journalistic standards, grammar and editorial calendars. 

"We are truly excited at the chance to take what our passion has been for so long, and project it to a much wider audience," said New Raleigh founder David Millsaps. "The possibilities of being part of such a wide ranging family are endless and we cannot wait for all of the new opportunities."  "I've been waiting- this is the day that the masses start buying local and listening to the bands right in their town," Supreme Editor Jed Gant said.

"New Raleigh is a talented group of individuals that’s leading the wave of new-age journalism,” said Kevin McClatchy, McClatchy Company’s chairman of the board, in a written statement. "As print publications continue to look for new ways to define themselves, we felt New Raleigh was a perfect fit for the News & Observer to usher in a new era of how we tell the news."

During the next several months, life will continue as normal here at New Raleigh. The site will operate as it always has and we'll continue covering news that interests us. We'll continue to keep you updated as we slowly merge and what each step entails.

To our faithful readers, we thank you for sticking with us during this journey. We look forward to this next chapter in our lives and for New Raleigh. We hope you bear with us while we get used to punching in, having an office, and actually drawing a paycheck.

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  • MH
    04/01 04:32 PM

    Goodbye NewRaleigh. Hello New Dailey Tarheel East.

  • Jeremy
    04/01 06:37 PM

    Hahaha. Nice try! I know what day it is, but it didn’t hit me until half-way through your article, I’ll give you that much!

  • Erin
    04/01 11:34 PM

    This scared me for a second.

  • David Wong
    04/02 03:52 PM

    haha disgruntled ex-news observer writer tries to make april fools joke, comes off as bitter

  • CX
    04/03 02:07 PM

    Definitely threw me for a loop ... first time I’ve been to the website since Friday.

  • EatmyownHead
    04/05 04:58 PM

    “Superior interface design” is truly the april fools joke here.

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