Krampus Night at Kings, December 17th

Krampus Night at Kings, December 17th

December, 06, 2012, by Vince

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This week, in areas such as Austria, southern Bavaria, Hungary and Croatia, people are fed booze and dress up as Krampus, the evil spirit of Christmas.  These Krampusonators roam the streets terrorizing young children, with rusty chains and bells, to remind the kids that if you're not good, you'll still get something for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the only present you get is punishment.  

Krampus' image is definitely menacing.  Krampus resembles a beast-like creature, with dark skin and fur, red eyes, a long gnarly tongue, cloven feet and horns.  In other words, he's a demon.  The creature dates back to pre-Christian Germanic folklore and has had bouts with the Catholic church and the Dollfuss regime in order to have its place in popular culture.  Today, Krampus is having a resurgence in popularity, with celebrations usually occurring during the week of December 5th.

On Monday, December 17th, The A/V Geeks present their vision of "Krampus Night" through Christmas-themed 16mm films which may or may not have been used to warn naughty children into good behavior.  Kings will once again be hosting another installment of the "A/V Geeks presents" series.  Along with a classic thematic line-up of short films, A/V Geeks will host a costume ball.  Everyone is encouraged to dress in their favorite holiday attire.  Krampus will be roaming around during the evening, waiting to dole out "punishment" to those naughty individuals in the crowd.  The doors open at 7:30 and films will start around 8pm.  Suggested Donation of $5.  Feel free to visit the event invite for more up-to-date information.

For more information on the A/V Geeks other upcoming events, visit their website at

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