Lincoln Adds New Shows, Including GZA Performing Liquid Swords

Lincoln Adds New Shows, Including GZA Performing Liquid Swords

September, 27, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Something happened recently, or maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe I was sleeping or maybe it's a change in direction.More likely, it's Chris Malarkey, who left The Pour House, bringing his love for booking great bands to the larger venue.

All of a sudden, Lincoln Theatre has a handful of shows that are actually out of their normal scope and reflect more towards the type of shows that would pop up at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. This is huge for Raleigh's live music scene and might also be a reflection of Hopscotch's influence on the downtown scene. Regardless, shows that are too big for most small clubs in Downtown and pass over Raleigh for Carrboro may see Lincoln as their new venue of choice, from the looks of the schedule and Malarkey's booking. 

Typically stuck with washed up roots bands hitting Lincoln for the third time in a year or two night stands from cover bands, Lincoln's schedule has seemed predictable over the past few years. Nothing against Donavon Frankenreiter, because when I saw him at ACL a few years ago it was one of the highlights of the fest for me. But, from Swans, Bombadil, Divine Fits/Cold Cave, The Love Language, White Denim, GZA and a few other recent additions, the Lincoln's schedule looks more diverse than it ever has. 

GZA has been touring alone the past few year performing his debut album, and one of the best rap albums ever, in its entirety. GZA is also one of the headliners at Moogfest the weekend following his Thursday night, October 25th show. I'm interested to see who the Special Guest is as well. Considering more hip hop acts like Killer Mike, Santigold and El-P are heading to Asheville that weekend, it would be great to see one of those open this show or even some local hip hop talents (King Mez, Professor Toon, etc). Or even a prominent electronic artist hitting Moog that weekend. 

UPDATE: As hoped, Killer Mike and Professor Toon will open this show.

Between The Ritz's revamp and Lincoln's new booking Raleigh could actually see better, bigger bands hitting the area. Too bad the Red Hat Amphitheater has had a slack few years of booking. Thank you Marlarkey for booking Lincoln to its potential and capacity.

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  • RZA
    09/27 01:40 PM

    When I was little… my father was famous.
    He was the greatest sam-urai in the empire;
    and he was the Shogun’s decapitator.
    He cut off the heads of a hundred and thirty-one lords.
    It was a bad time for the empire.
    The Shogun just stayed inside his castle—and he never came out.
    People said his brain was infected by DEVILS.
    My father would come home—he would forget about the killings.
    He wasn’t scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him.
    Maybe that was the problem.
    Then, one night… the Shogun sent his ninja spies to our house.
    They were supposed to kill my father… but they didn’t.
    *woman screams*
    That was the night everything changed

  • Willncsu
    09/30 10:25 AM

    Lincoln>>>>>cats cradle in every way but booking.  Good to see they are stepping it up finally.

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