Mystery Build announces voting for “Your Favorite Movie”, New contest for 2013

Mystery Build announces voting for “Your Favorite Movie”, New contest for 2013

October, 01, 2012, by Vince

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(photos & video courtesy of Mystery Build)

Mystery Build's second contest "What's Your Favorite Movie," have opened the doors to 3D interpretations of beloved film scenes.  These pieces of art are now subject to your vote. Act fast, since voting will end on Sunday, October 7th!

There are 142 entries in this years's competition.  Participants were given identical building materials and the challenge of creating a work of art around the theme "What's Your Favorite Movie" using only the materials provided in their kits.  The entries are judged on creative use of the materials, use of the theme, and general craftsmanship and presentation.  Participants chose to enter a final photo or video of their creation.

Anyone can vote for their favorite submission.  The entry with the highest number of votes will win the People's Choice Award of $1000!  You may vote once per day.  Multiple voters are not permitted to share the same IP address.  Multiple daily votes from the same IP address or other fraudulent votes will not be counted, and the entry or entrant may be disqualified.  Winning the People's Choice award does not exclude an entry from winning additional prizes during judging.  Winners will be notified and and the results of the contest will be posted on October 19th.

If you have questions or comments feel free to send a message to the folks at Mystery Build:

These entries just skim the surface of what you'll find on the voting page.

View all of the entries and pick your favorite and VOTE here!

Mystery Build is already getting the ball rolling on their latest contest: "Re-Invent a Work of Art".  Kits are available through their website.  

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