NCDOT Plans Overhaul of Peace St Bridge

NCDOT Plans Overhaul of Peace St Bridge

December, 09, 2011, by Stacey

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation has its eye on upgrading the Peace Street bridge in upcoming years, an overhaul that will put several well established local businesses in danger. With a sufficiency rating of 42.9 out of 100, the bridge, which was built in 1948, is sorely in need of massive renovations, according to the NCDOT. Additional construction is also being considered for the Wade Avenue bridge, which has a sufficiency rating of 34.1. While both bridges are clearly still usable, they are described as “structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.”

The current structures are not in line with modern roadway designs. The Capital Boulevard and Peace Street areas are main thoroughfares to downtown, currently hosting 54,000 vehicles per day, a number that is expected to increase by nearly 50% over the next few decades. Redesign options on the table include a diamond, square-loop, or bowtie interchange.

Impacts from the construction are not fully known yet, but the NCDOT says there may be an environmental effect on Pigeon House Branch Creek. Several businesses would certainly be affected, including Finch’s Restaurant, Grass Roots Press, Watkins Shoe Store, and Anderson Supply. Finch’s, however, is being researched to see if it qualifies for the historic register.

Funding for the redesign has not been obtained yet, though engineers are in the early stages of developing environmental impact research, which is required for federal funding. The overhaul will run somewhere in the area of $14-$15 million, a cost which will be covered by a combination of local, state, and federal funds. A public hearing will be scheduled for fall of 2012, and if plans go forward, construction will begin in 2016. More information on the proposed project can be found at the NCDOT website.

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  • Eric Lamb
    12/09 04:22 PM

    Folks should also check out the City’s Capital Boulevard Corridor Study to see how the ideas for replacing this bridge and modernizing the interchange all fits with the current planning along the corridor:

  • John Morriz
    12/09 11:11 PM

    What the hell Raleigh?!?!
    ‘Improving’ another mid century masterpiece? When are we going to learn that decrepit bridges like this are what makes Raleigh what it is?

  • Tim Tebow
    12/13 10:11 AM

    If the bridge don’t fit, you must acquit.

  • Katy
    12/15 10:56 AM

    I’d rather have structurally safe bridges to drive on than worry over whether the greasy spoon next door should be on the historic places registry.  Where are your priorities, people?

  • jen
    12/15 01:51 PM

    That “greasy spoon” is one of the few places in town you can see a woman wearing an off-the-shoulders evening dress having Sunday morning breakfast alone at the counter, lol.

  • Jennifer
    12/16 08:51 AM

    There are also some possible positive outcomes—the new design has an eye towards boosting business growth in the dead zone behind Finches/Watkins. Plus, if you’ve ever been a pedestrian over there, you know there’s room for improvement.

  • Cynthia Deis
    12/16 01:35 PM

    That ‘greasy spoon’ is owned by a Korean family, has two black cooks and the waitresses are all 60+ white ladies. I would love a new bridge that allowed us to walk from Glenwood-Brooklyn to Seaboard Station without dodging pigeon poop AND cars, but I’d hate to see that restaurant go.

  • Juanimal
    12/19 09:53 AM

    Cynthia, they’re Chinese not Korean. And they own the business but not the building.

  • Carl
    12/19 10:01 AM

    Now that I know the racial demographic of all the employees I can rest well.

    Oh wait.
    Due to my breakfast at Finch’s the only resting I will be doing is upon the toilet.

  • Juanimal
    12/19 10:56 AM

    Because you’re full of $h**?

  • Carl
    12/19 11:14 AM

    Only for about fifteen minutes post meal.
    Wet n Wild.

  • Peter
    12/20 05:57 AM

    I love Finch’s as much as the next long-time Raleigh resident. But when it comes to improving the traffic flow of the Peace Street bridge—and the safety of said bridge—it is no contest. And, folks, I am pretty sure that the DOT planners along with many of NC’s legislators have had breakfast at Finch’s. But if it closes, my guess is somehow we will all get along just like we got along when Oak City Diner on Wake Forest Rd closed (which I think was better than Finch’s personally).

  • MAS
    12/21 09:38 AM

    This is a non-issue. Finch’s is quite possibly the worst restaurant in/near downtown.  And that’s saying a lot.

    Non-issue.  Save the no longer working neon letters.  Save the canopy.  Move forward.

  • Peter
    12/21 06:31 PM

    “[The bridges] are described [by NCDOT] as ‘structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.’”

    Sorta trumps Finch’s in my opinion.

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    12/26 11:28 AM


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    12/26 12:22 PM


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    12/26 12:33 PM


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    12/26 06:21 PM


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    12/26 08:42 PM


  • Marcus
    12/28 11:03 AM

    NR feels to be sitting idle since the front page makeover.  I like a continuous flow of news vs font changes.

  • arthur
    12/28 02:46 PM

    this would be a good thing! Many of the interchanges and roads downtown need to be updated to ease traffic and pedestrian movement.

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