Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District
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Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District

January, 25, 2012, by Jedidiah

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On Tuesday night, President Obama did his best to promote and name drop North Carolina, and specifically Raleigh, as much as he could in his State of the Union address. Surely, this was a strategic move, considering Obama was the first Democratic candidate to win North Carolina since 1976. Obama campaigned hard in NC throughout the 2008 election cycle, coming to Raleigh multiple times for speeches and drinks at the Raleigh Times of course.

Obama wants to win North Carolina in 2012 and is getting a head start in the capital city once again. The campaign opened up their volunteer-based Charlotte headquarters this month but at the end of this week, the campaign will start moving their state headquarters into Raleigh's Warehouse District. 

We've talked, maybe a bit more than you've wanted, about the potential of the Warehouse District and how it has been growing out of its teenager years lately. This is another step in the right direction and is sure to bring a lot some foot traffic, business for the surrounding restaurant and more to the area.

The campaign will keep the current volunteer location on Morgan Street, since this is the North Carolina state headquartersConsidering that the Democratic Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina and Raleigh in particular, with Obama's headquarters here should get lots of national press. We'll take it and we are honored.

A previous edit of this article listed the address for the new Obama HQ, but we have since opted to remove it on a request from the Obama campaign. 

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