Peace Street Townes Townhomes Proposed for Peace Street

Peace Street Townes Townhomes Proposed for Peace Street

July, 31, 2012, by Jedidiah

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It looks like the grassy lots at the corner of Person and Peace Streets may finally get some construction. After breaking ground on Blount Street Commons in 2008 and stalling not long afterwards, these lots have sat empty since. The new condos, called Peace Street Townes, will sit across from Krispy Kreme. 

The site plan (seen above) for Peace Street Townes shows 18 homes, six of which are three bedrooms with rooftop porches and the other twelve are two bedroom homes. This will be great for this area and for all of the development that keeps happening in this Northeast corridor of downtown. Unfortunately, the only problem is that there seems to be no retail component as part of this development. Hopefully, the Person Street lots just South of this that were proposed to have retail will come through now that these townhomes are moving forward and according to the blog, hoping to start construction in October.

In similar Person Street news, we received word from the folks at Market Restaurant that renovations on their property will begin in the next few weeks. Also, we hear that Yellow Dog Bakery has signed a lease and will defiintely be moving into the development as well. 

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  • xj
    07/31 01:26 PM

    18 homes, 28 parking spaces (2 in the plan are shown as potentional trash dumpster location)... Genius idea.

    Don’t even take into account this is a young area with a fair amount of student/dink residences that like to have overnight guests.

    I am not against projects without a retail component, as I don’t think it is the right solution for every area. I am against housing/retail developement without good parking solutions. Parking headaches ensure a high turnover in residents and thus a less stable neighborhood.

  • RaleighRob
    07/31 01:43 PM

    ^Considering the amount of on-street parking in the immediate vicinity (especially nites and weekends), I think it’s a mostly adequate amount of parking spaces.
    I’m just glad to see this started finally!

  • Jeff
    07/31 03:19 PM

    Curious what the prices are going to be.

  • hackles10
    07/31 03:21 PM

    Count again xj, there are 36 spots, 2 per unit…which is more than enough.

  • Jeff
    07/31 04:22 PM

    Two Bedrooms:
    1041 sq.ft.
    $125 monthly HOA
    Parking is first come first serve

    Three Bedrooms:
    1402 Sq.ft.
    $175 monthly HOA
    Reserved Parking

  • Mark
    07/31 11:21 PM

    There is plenty of underutilized retail space nearby.  It takes rooftops to even make retail viable as the double failed attempt at a grocery store made crystal clear. I might have put in a corner store with apartments above that and 16 townhouses but still think this is a fine project for the area. We definitely need more owner occupied housing units to help balance all the rentals and townhouses finance easier than condos.

  • Bill
    08/01 01:30 PM

    I lived half a block away from this location and had only on-street parking.  It’s easy to find parking outside government business hours.  Simmer down.

  • TSnow27604
    08/01 05:12 PM

    Cline Design?  This looks like a mini Centennial Campus.  Having said that, as a neighbor, I’m glad they are moving forward.

  • TSnow27604
    08/01 05:16 PM

    Just looked.  J Davis.  Potato, potah-to

  • RaleighRob
    08/02 09:31 AM

    Wow those prices are kinda up there!
    Again, I’m still very happy this is happening.  But the thing about urban housing is, in theory, it allows people to walk to places.  And that includes to work.
    It would be nice if someone would remember that by far the largest employer in that immediate area is state government—-and let me tell ya, few if any rank-and-file state employees are paid enough to avoid these types of housing prices!  (Maybe a few overpaid political appointees, but they probably commute from a gated community in Cary or whatever.)
    I’d love to see a nice moderate-price apartment building go up on one of the other nearby lots!

  • Robby
    08/02 08:54 PM

    As someone who lives in the homes beside this project, I agree with xj about the parking. Weekdays, the curbside parking is full all up and down Blount Street. The church will come online soon and Peace University will be welcoming co-ed’s this year in hopes of getting bigger. 

    I liked the original plan with the multi-use and underground parking for the residence.

    But, I am also happy to see the ‘hood come alive. We have been holding our breath way too long for these projects to get rolling again.

    Also glad about the stuff going on around Franklin St too.

  • Greg
    08/04 10:08 AM

    It bugs me that the artist’s rendering doesn’t match the actual floor plans. The picture shows roof-top terraces on the end units, but those are 2 bedrooms, that don’t have the roof-top terraces.

  • carlos
    08/07 11:42 AM

    Hey greg, It bugs me that you cant read the plans. If you look closely you’ll see a comment “elevated outdoor terrace” and an arrow pointing to the unit.

  • Greg
    08/07 12:05 PM

    Yes, I see that. The elevated outdoor terrace for the 2 bedrooms are on the first floor in the plans.

  • Arthur
    08/07 01:48 PM

    A little too close to a busy street for me.

  • J Wilson
    08/09 02:46 AM

    I was hoping for some improvements to The walkability of Seaboard Station..There are too many cars and not enough sidewalks..also,an intersection into and out of the shops would be nice..More crosswalks and red lights.

  • MAS
    08/10 09:34 AM

    Substandard name that should be sub-branded under the “Blount Street Commons” banner.  Pretty typical for builders like this to lack the attention to detail when it comes to brand-building.

  • John
    08/13 09:56 PM

    According to their website, three bedroom units receive 2 assigned spaces while the two bedroom units are assigned one.  BTW, the 2 bedroom units only have one full bathroom and the second “bedroom” is really more like study or (perhaps) a nursery with a tiny closet.  The three bedroom units’ 3rd bedroom is really a loft and isn’t even a separate room.  Given that parking garage spaces are typically 20K+ each and that this project is basically amenity free (good or bad depending on what you think), the prices are high.  As someone with a two bedroom downtown condo with 2 full bathrooms and 2 garage parking spaces, I feel a lot better about my property.

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