Premiere: New Whatever Brains Video for “Bellied Up at Sicktown”

Premiere: New Whatever Brains Video for “Bellied Up at Sicktown”

October, 15, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Standing in the crowd at the Swans show last night, I saw Rich Ivey, lead singer of Whatever Brains, pops into the show. A fitting appearance since both bands are ones that I have a hard time describing to friends who haven't heard of either. Although generations apart, there are a lot of similarities between the two bands. Dark and loud, yet melodic and trance inducing. They blur genres. Both bands have live shows that create a mind and body haze upon leaving the venue. Swans for a late night Sunday snack and Whatever Brains for Monday breakfast is possibly the best and worst way to start off your week. Mostly hazy with a chance of mental and physical thunderstorms.

The dust has barely settled from the second Whatever Brains LP and the band are already moving forward with LP3. Logan Sayles, a Raleigh resident and videographer until a few weeks ago when he took off for the West Coast, and the band holed up in Kings Barcade a few months ago and recorded demos and made this video for "Bellied Up at Sicktown". The psychedelic layering of visual of the band playing on stage appropriately conveys the audio-psychosis of the song. 

Read Grayson Currin's recent article in the Indy Week about Whatever Brains and their latest LP, which is available online and at most record stores in the Triangle. 

Rich Ivey describes the video below:

"Bellied Up at Sicktown?" More like "Bellied Up at Zit-town," am I right? King's Barcade was kind enough to loan us its beautiful top-floor jampalace on July 11, 2012 to record a handful of demos for our next record. The illustrious Logan Sayles and cohorts accompanied us, recording visuals and sharing in general merriment. His camp worked far harder than we did, and for that we are grateful. WB member Hank Shore aka DJ Big Hank was living in Chicago at this time, and that's why you are unable to see his shining face. It should also be noted that bass player Matt Watson stole a riff from Pearl Jam and should forever be chastised. "Bellied Up" will be properly recorded in the upcoming months for our third LP, which will come out sometime on some label.

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