Quail Ridge Books for Sale

Quail Ridge Books for Sale

November, 14, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Quail Ridge Books and Music in Ridgewood Shopping Center one of Raleigh's last remaning bookstores selling new books is up for sale. The N&O reports that the owner, Nancy Olson, is ready to retire and is looking for a owner who loves books as much as herself.

After Borders went out of business, Barnes and Noble is one of the few bookstores left in the area, with used bookstores around the area continuing to stay in business as well. Quail Ridge is one of the few outlets for traveling (and local) writers to push their books and hosts readings for many authors. It will be a shame to see Quail Ridge go out of business.

Then again, let's start a petition for the new owner to bring Quail Ridge Books downtown. Go!

Read the full article over at the News and Observer. 

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Quail Ridge Books


  • yolobro
    11/16 01:20 PM

    I think that Nancy should let So And So’s inherit her inventory/work something out with them as they’re looking to open a bookstore downtown. Eh?

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