Raleigh Beer Week 2012 Full Schedule

Raleigh Beer Week 2012 Full Schedule

August, 27, 2012, by Jedidiah

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New Raleigh is very happy to be a sponsor for this year's Raleigh Beer Week which spans across 10 different restaurants, bars and bottle shops in the area. From Busy Bee, to Draft, Landmark, Tasty Beverage, Bottle Revolution and more, you are sure to have your pick of gourmet beer options every night this week. 

Hosted and organized by the folks at The Busy Bee, Raleigh Beer Week returns to Downtown Raleigh and features one-off casks, beer trivia events and some of the best in local and national breweries putting their newest and tastiest beers on display.

You can find Raleigh Beer Week on Facebook here.

Events started last night but there are six more days of events around the area. Check out the full schedule below.

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