Raleigh Denim Gets Some National NPR Love

Raleigh Denim Gets Some National NPR Love

April, 25, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Raleigh Denim has been featured in WUNC's The State of Things a few times in the past few years, which is syndicated but there's something quite nice about getting 4 minutes worth of NPR airtime that plays a few times throughout the workday. This happened for Victor and Sarah on Monday, April 23rd when NPR aired the segment As N.C. Textile Jobs Fade, Denim Brightens Raleigh. Victor Lytvinenko gives NPR a tour of their 'sleepy street' denim factory and talks about their button machines, his secret stash of jeans and Raleigh Denim's style. Listen to the full segment here.

As N.C. Textile Jobs Fade, Denim Brightens Raleigh

In its heyday, the textile industry employed 40 percent of North Carolina's work force. Now that employment number is less than 2 percent. But Raleigh Denim has found a way to thrive in North Carolina by making blue jeans the old-fashioned way.

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  • Mike
    05/02 07:49 AM

    $300 jeans! How do I attach my hipster wallet chain?

  • Alexander Nevermind
    05/02 11:36 AM

    Mike, glad to see you made it out of the state institution. Here’s an update: jokes about chain wallets and hipsters stopped amusing everybody about 10 years ago. If you were wearing Raleigh denim, maybe you would not have that one strap dangling on your overalls all the time from the jacked up button-hole.

    Last year, the news from Oak City was tornado devastation and attempts to reorder life. It’s always exciting to hear good news from home when I turn on the radio, no matter how far away I am. Keep it up Raleigh Denim, keep it up Mystery Build, and everybody else doing something other than complaining.

  • Mike
    05/03 07:31 AM

    Tornadoes to hipster dungarees!  I would need to be institutionalized if I were paying $300 for jeans.  I’m not buying the hipster Kool-Aid, but you can drink all you want. $300 buys a lot of NC textile pride, but I’m sticking with my Walmart overalls.

  • Alexander Nevermind
    05/03 09:02 AM

    Hahaha. Even though I feel nauseated almost every time I see the word “hipster” in NR comments, I have to admit: “Tornadoes to hipster dungarees!” is a hilarious sentence/sentiment.

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