Raleigh Food Truck Regulations as Compared to the rest of the Triangle

Raleigh Food Truck Regulations as Compared to the rest of the Triangle

July, 26, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Raleigh Public Record put together a great breakdown of the Food Truck regulations of each of the big cities in the Triangle. The chart states the obvious, that Raleigh lags behind with tolerance relative to food trucks. Chapel Hill and Carrboro are more liberal in letting food trucks roam the streets, while Durham outpaces everyone with the least restrictions.  

I'd love to see this as compared to larger cities in America as well. I'm sure Raleigh is one of the more conservative overall.  

Check out the breakdown here.

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  • Jason
    07/29 01:46 PM

    I don’t think Raleigh lags behind chapel hill. Chapel Hill charges food truck vendors $600 to operate in the city. That’s why you don’t see any food trucks in Chapel Hill. None of them have applied for permits because the fees are too high. It is more affordable to operate in Raleigh than Chapel Hill. And as such you will at least occasionally see them in Raleigh.

  • Billy Gray
    08/02 03:25 PM

    Agree with Jason - Raleigh isn’t exactly welcoming them with open arms, but Chapel Hill has made it prohibitively expensive.  Raleigh typically has a couple of trucks ITB on any given day while I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one in Chapel Hill.  Durhamites are the clear winners.

  • Small Biz
    08/02 04:06 PM

    It’s unfortunate the multitude of hoops one must go through just to do business in Raleigh. I have people asking for me in Raleigh but because of the ridiculous amount of paperwork and time it takes just to get through their process - it’s just not worth it for me right now. It’s about more than the permit and license costs/fees for me (even though Raleigh double dings businesses wanting food trucks as well food truck businesses), but certainly cost is still a factor for my small biz.

  • jen
    08/02 04:41 PM

    I once watched an employee of a hot dog cart in downtown Raleigh go take a piss in the alley next to the courthouse and then go back to the cart and immediately start making fresh squeezed lemonade. There’s some irony for you.

    Enjoy your yummy truck food, kids.

  • Carl
    08/03 12:09 PM

    I once bought a hot dog from a delightfull vendor.
    Suppose I should have been a little on guard
    once noticing the attention to detail that this vendor had taken
    to resemble Mario from Donkery Kong.
    The checkered bib overalls, the paperboy hat, the ridiculously oversized Rollie Fingers moustache.

    This vendor, let’s call him Geoffrey of Moores Square, appeared quite sanitary as well as the previously mentioned natty dress.

    -My surprise came when he offered to sell me what he smartly called, ‘ditchweed’. 
    I laughed a little between hot juicy all over your face bites of rubbery dog thinking,
    “IS THIS FOR REAL !?!?!?”

    Then Geoffrey (pronounced JOF-ree, real agressive sounding you know?)_
    turned a knob on his radio and Wings was playing that song, ‘I’m a Just the Hot Dog Wiener in Your World.”

    So, I gotta say.
    These vendors - they know what they’re doing !

  • concerned reader
    08/03 12:23 PM


    Jedidiah is censoring comments on newraleigh.com


    Why did you remove my earlier post criticizing the way you categorize “liberal” and “conservative” in this piece?  You could’ve just responded.  Not used to dissent among your readership??

  • Todd
    08/03 02:08 PM

    I know Raleigh isn’t as lenient as Durham, but I am puzzled at the comments from people like “Small Biz” who say it is too troublesome to do business in Raleigh. Clearly a lot of the other popular trucks don’t thinks so. Here are the food trucks you can find in Raleigh today alone: Klausies’s Pizza, Only Burger, The Parlour (all at N&O food truck roundup),. Baguettaboutit (at CAM Museum), ChickenQue (Flanders Art Gallery), Sympathy for the Deli (at Lonerider Brewery), American Meltdown (At Marbles Museum). Then according to another blog I follow, on Monday there is a Food Truck Roundup at North Hills with 8 trucks. Clearly jumping through a few hoops and paying the permit fees is worth it to these trucks. Just some food for thought.

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