Raleigh Unveils New Skyscraper, To Be Tallest Building in North Carolina

Raleigh Unveils New Skyscraper, To Be Tallest Building in North Carolina

April, 09, 2012, by Scott

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Comic by Scott Rooker

Planned for completion in 2015, Raleigh unveils the newest addition to its skyline. 

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  • Brad Felcher
    04/09 02:41 PM

    April Fool’s was last week.

  • AndyO
    04/09 02:46 PM

    NewRaleigh, you’re becoming a trusted news voice in Raleigh, but this isn’t what we need.

  • Carver
    04/09 02:46 PM

    AMAZING! It want be open on Sundays! YIKES!!!

  • Carver
    04/09 02:48 PM

    Did we run out things to write about that actually matter?

  • Carver
    04/09 02:48 PM


  • Phil
    04/09 02:49 PM

    Where is the inflatable cow on the roof?

  • Crankasaurus
    04/09 02:57 PM

    Haw haw! Lookit lil PEB down there. Adorbsies.

    Question: Has newraleigh’s entire premise now solely to eff with bob & the showgram listeners? I kinda have to say i approve.

  • Peter
    04/09 03:02 PM

    And that’s it folks, shut it down.

  • Alice
    04/09 03:19 PM


  • Brendan
    04/09 03:31 PM

    I don’t get this at all.

  • Anita Horr
    04/09 03:49 PM

    There’s a big Chick Fil A in Raleigh!  Ha ha ha ha!

  • Roy
    04/09 07:52 PM

    Didn’t realize New Raleigh decided it was The Onion.

  • Jeff S
    04/09 08:47 PM

    Cool this is about as interesting as all black van, hobo erotica and a pencil through the eye.

  • All Black Van Fan
    04/09 09:06 PM

    this is the best thing I could hope for. MOAR comix!!!!!!11111

  • Lupus Yonderboy
    04/09 10:21 PM

    This is revisionist post-modernist superficial architectural haute couture at its worst. Why has New Raleigh OBVIOUSLY photoshopped out the Black Van? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? WHY THE COVERUP?

  • Lupus Yonderboy
    04/09 10:23 PM

    42 stories… So the Restaurant at the End of the Universe is on the top floor, and yes, it’s a talking cow.

  • Carver
    04/10 10:58 AM

    The building will be constructed of waffle fries!

  • neighbrhoodwook
    04/10 11:28 AM

    Ingrid Hoffman from the Cooking Channel is totally hot.

    (Just wanted to make sure my comment was as relevant as the “article” itself!)

  • Jack Mehoffer
    04/10 12:56 PM

    Baba Booey!  Baba Booey!

  • Carver
    04/10 01:40 PM

    This article is probably one of the best pieces of work to come from New Raleigh. It definitely made me hungry and is everything Raleigh, NC is supposed to be! Right? Raleigh really is a charmer! Chicken nugget anyone???

  • P Tang
    04/10 01:56 PM

    I’m gonna sine your pity on the runny kine.

  • new raleigh sucks
    04/10 03:57 PM

    your done new raleigh!!! im finished with you guys, im going over to goodnight raleigh to blog

  • arthurb3
    04/10 05:16 PM

    Ha! You should have posted this on April 1st, but its still funny because most people don’t realize it is signed: “Comic by Scott Rooker”

  • Carver
    04/11 10:50 AM

    WOW, what an oversite! Or is it the fact that this blog has a HORRIBLE User Interface!  I think it’s (C) All of the above!

  • I'maSweetsin
    04/11 11:51 AM

    Hey NR you know you have a huge problem when the comments are far more interesting than any of the content you have put out.

  • DPK
    04/11 07:30 PM

    This place keeps going further down hill.  I seriously don’t come here as much as I used to due to crap like this.

  • neighbrhoodwook
    04/12 04:41 PM

    @new raleigh sucks

    dude - goodnight raleigh is awesome!

  • rob
    04/23 04:41 PM

    too bad it’s not a Bojangles

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