Raleigh’s Walk and Transit Score is Worst of 25 Ranked Cities by WalkScore

Raleigh’s Walk and Transit Score is Worst of 25 Ranked Cities by WalkScore

April, 26, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Walkability Map from WalkScore

The online site WalkScore has released their first ranking of US city transit systems. Out of the 25 surveyed, Raleigh ranks at #25. Not to be surprised, Raleigh's Transit Score bottoms out at 23 with its Walk Score at 41. On a good note, it looks like Downtown Raleigh (or the Central neighborhood, as they refer to it), has a nice 75 Walk Score, with the transit score lagging behind at 52. While hard to compare to NYC, it is unfortunate to see Raleigh at the bottom of the list. Luckily, projects like Walk Raleigh, Rickshaws the R-Line buses have helped the effort on foot over the past few years, as well as the number of businesses that now call downtown home. Hopefully future transit options for Downtown and beyond will help this number in the coming years.

Walk Score's first ranking of U.S. city transit systems (rated by its Transit Score index) reveals which cities offer residents the best access to public transportation.  Transit Score, the only national, quantitative rating of access to public transit, measures how well a location is served by public transportation, and is based on data released in a standard open format by public transit agencies.

See all of Raleigh's numbers over at WalkScore.

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  • Roy
    04/26 01:05 PM

    The R-Line is probably the only efficient form of public transportation Raleigh has as of now. I’ve been taking the CAT buses all 19 years of my life. They are not well funded, Sunday service is awful, a lot of drivers are apathetic, the newer drivers have no idea what they are doing and keep getting me late, the supervisors will drive away if a bus is coming in late so they don’t have to listen to complaints, they stopped paying full time mechanics/starting using an apprentice program which has led to more buses breaking down (including one dangerous incident where two wheels became detached from the axle), and the bus station has always looked and smelled awful. Can’t wait for the new “Union Station” to get developed. I’m glad they finally got a security force to patrol the bus station, but when they are most needed (late at night) they are not their! Hopefully they will continue to improve. I like the new plans CAT has been presenting lately.

  • mike
    04/26 01:33 PM

    New Union Station will have no effect on CAT buses.  City plans to keep Moore Square bus station for CAT buses long-term (with planned improvements - which are much needed in my opinion!!!).  Union Station will have TTA buses however.  The current plan seems to rely on a circulator (R-line?) to provide the connection between the two hubs.  I’d like to see them combined at Union Station… but I think we have a while until this becomes an issue.

  • Roy
    04/26 01:58 PM

    Interesting. I was under the impression everything was moving to Union Station. That will be incredibly inconvenient when trying to connect with a TTA bus (which are only once an hour). Can’t say I’m thrilled about that.

  • Roy
    04/26 01:58 PM

    *only once an hour except during peak weekday hours

  • Drew B.
    04/26 02:49 PM

    To look on the bright side, at least we’ve made out transit data public. Which 18 larger cities haven’t done (or we wouldn’t even be on the list).

  • Ashe
    04/26 07:20 PM

    The R-Line isn’t the only efficient public transit option in the city. The other would be the Wolfline, but that is only useful to people if they are moving around NC State/West Raleigh. It is telling that the free to ride, 15-minute round-trip options are both well-used and well-liked. CAT and Triangle Transit need to increase the frequency of trips in order to attract more respect and ridership. I also agree that more needs to be done to clean-up the Moore Square Station. It is filthy, smells awful, and is NOT an inviting place for people to be. The fact that people currently have to wait as much as 45 minutes to make a connection at the station, while standing around such filthy, uncomfortable conditions, is enough to turn away plenty of people who might otherwise give public transit a try.

  • calbear
    04/27 09:08 AM

    I have recently noticed that sidewalks are a big issue. Living in the Carolina Pines neighborhood between Lake Wheeler Road and South Saunders is 1.5 miles to the Farmer’s Market, 3 miles to Centennial Campus and a 10 minute straight shot to downtown driving. Despite having bus stops that service both major roads flanking out neighborhood, there is no sidewalk to speak of on Carolina Pines to allow for safe walking to the stops for those who do want/need to use public transportation. If we want to effectively connect the neighborhoods surrounding downtown into the public transportation system, we also need to consider improving the walking paths accessing these stops. I frequently see people walking on the side of Carolina Pines (a busy 2 lane street) and it makes me nervous when I drive. When I find myself walking or biking on Carolina Pines, I feel frustrated that it is not more bike/pedestrian friendly. I hope the city knows that there is a true need not only for improved public transportation, but for a better pedestrian access/integration into the system.

  • Squirrelbaby
    04/27 08:02 PM

    It’s sad that the only reliable train system in the Triangle is the Pullen Park Choo CHoo.

    Suburban musings on Twitter: @Squirrelchat

  • JT
    04/30 11:02 AM

    The R-Line is useless.  You can walk most places in downtown Raleigh quicker than waiting for the free bus.

  • johann zappa
    04/30 11:29 AM

    >>>>>You can walk most places in downtown Raleigh quicker than waiting for the free bus.

    Yeah, I’ve wanted to give it a try but it is never around when I was walking by one of their bus stops, and walking doesn’t take that long, if we are just talking about their loop area.

    It would be best, for me, when there is something huge going on and I want to avoid crowds and park far away from Fayetteville street or whatever. The rest of the year it is not really helpful to me.

  • rob
    05/01 09:43 PM

    I could have been told you Raleigh’s public transportation sucks Its been like that forever! Durham’s data bus is waaaay better and that is a shame! How is it that everything that matters in a city Raleigh could care less about etc Downtown, public transportation, central locating things, city lighting… Its almost as if Raleigh does these things wrong on purpose. Get it together Raleigh seriously!

  • Festus
    05/02 03:22 PM

    It is odd to see the bashing on CAT buses. Fair enough, but as a daily bus commuter, my experience has been that if you need to get from downtown to NC State (Hillsborough corridor) or downtown to Blue Ridge Road, or downtown to most major Raleigh work destinations, the CAT buses are on time, speedy, and an excellent alternative to driving.

    Add the TTA buses to the mix (and all NC State employees can ride either system, free) and it is possible to travel every fifteen minutes up the Hillsborough Street corridor during weekday rush hours, and no less than hourly to the airport, Durham, Chapel Hill, etc. Add a bicycle to the mix and I found it easy, fast and free to commute to Duke University last summer.

    Oh—and by the way? This is faster, cheaper, better transit service than traveling from Berkeley to Stanford, San Francisco to Sunnyvale, or from most parts of Seattle into the core. In my experience.

    Now, once we get light transit, and bike lanes everywhere, and some enforcement of traffic laws for the astonishingly aggressive and dangerous drivers here in Raleigh… Then we will have great transit and walkable city. Meanwhile, I am counting my blessings.

  • Mark
    05/03 06:10 PM

    CAT Buses are Twenty Years out of date.CIty of Raleigh Should of had some form of Mass Transit well in advance. No real Bus Shelters,I feel bad for the folks that have to stand out in the pouring rain waiting for the bus to arrive. The schedules SUCK real bad,the Bus drivers are rude and drive like they are in the Daytona 500.ALSO..they smell Horrible. By the Time that City Officals get their act together and Provide their Citizens with a 21st Century style Mass Transit System and Light Rail,it would be Outdated and have to start over again. Not sticking around for that. Raleigh is a great Place but your City Buses Suck..!!

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