RDU Baton Brings the Triangle a Collaborative Photo Relay

RDU Baton Brings the Triangle a Collaborative Photo Relay

December, 10, 2012, by Marc Lewis

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We walk through our city everyday, often looking at the same places we looked at the day before. Now, the Triangle has a social platform to let residents share their unique views and, in turn, appreciate the paths other people walk through town.

RDU Baton is a collaborative photo relay that allows participants to access an Instagram account and share pictures of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill each day. At midnight, the next runner in line takes hold of the account and posts pictures throughout the day. Photographers can be professionals or amateurs. Quality or subject isn’t the heart of the idea — it’s about sharing perspectives and building a portrait of the city, each photo a brushstroke.

Brittany Iery, an organizer at NC Conservation Network, and Susannah Brinkley, a graphic designer at Mottis, co-founded RDU Baton. The two were inspired by John De Guzman’s similar project in New York City, NYC Baton, and, after contacting De Guzman for permission, brought the Baton to the Triangle.

“What I love most about this project is being able to see the Triangle through someone else’s eyes,” Iery said. “It’s about gathering a bunch of different perspectives in one, vibrant place.”


Individuals can sign up at www.rdubaton.com. Before each runner’s day, he or she is provided with the @rdubaton Instagram password so the runner can upload photos — pictures of their favorite places, restaurants, friends or occupations. The photos are then posted to RDU Baton’s Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts.

Launched on Nov. 5, response has been substantial with the sign up sheet mostly full through early January. Thus far, runners have included marketing and PR executives, a beer brewer, a digital video producer, a lawyer, students and more.

“I have really enjoyed watching the Instagram account every day. From someone's morning coffee to their evening beer, having just a tiny peek into a stranger's routine day after day showcases how rich and full of life this area is,” Brinkley said. “All the images unite and create a visual representation of the Triangle — that's the beauty of this project.”

New Raleigh is getting involved, too. Sign up for RDU Baton updates now and take a gander on Friday, December 28th when Editor-in-Chief Jedidiah Gant takes a lap around town. 

RDU Baton is about celebrating where we live — a mission your friends at New Raleigh fully support.

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  • Abby
    12/10 10:21 PM

    I’m crying since none from my day made it into the montage. SOB!

  • Bartholomew
    12/11 08:40 AM

    Great article about a cool concept.  Nice work Marc!

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