Real Estate Coming to Lincoln Theatre

Real Estate Coming to Lincoln Theatre

February, 04, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Some bands make music that is more enjoyable to listen to in the WInter than in the Summer. Many others are the reciprocal. But, there are a fair number of bands and musicians that are able to create records that make each season of the year more pleasant. For me, Real Estate is one of the those bands. I first discovered Real Estate's music in the Winter. An album with a first track like Beach Comber (and a second side starting with the gorgeous Fake Blues) was destined for the greatness of in Summer rays but somehow it soaked in the Winter blues. 

Transitioning to the next season with an album can be hard but Real Estate's follow up EP followed in late Winter and the Spring was even more drenched with the sounds of the band for me. A few months later, I saw them live in Brooklyn with Woods and Happy Birthday. I was hooked. Last year's sophomore album, Days, was easily on my top 5 list and still gets multiple weekly rotations on my record player when its 32 degrees outside and just a few days ago in my car with my windows down in the 70 degree weather. The band continues to make lovely intra-seasonal music.

Hopscotch has announced that Real Estate will headline a few show at the Lincoln Theatre on First Friday, April 6th with Australian band Twerps, and locals Old Bricks at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre.

Doors open at 8pm and while this show is FREE, Hopsotch is asking for your help and donations.

As you may know, the North Carolina legislature has proposed an amendment to the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. All registered voters can vote on the issue during the GOP presidential primary on May 8. To oppose this amendment and raise awareness about the voting date, we will be collecting donations at the door for THE COALITION TO PROTECT NORTH CAROLINA FAMILIES, a state-wide organization working to defeat Amendment One. Regardless of political affiliation, we urge you to vote against this amendment—this is a human rights issue, not a political one.

Please help fight discrimination with us. Your vote matters.

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  • sara
    07/09 10:26 AM

    oh, my 8 year old son would LOVE LOVE to see you in concert not being real big on Beth Moore, he tends to miss out on seneig you but listens to your CDs alot and knows most songs by heart. Since this concert is tied to a conference, would i be able to bring him? I can’t find much info on PBC’s page what can you tell me? marielraleigh,nc

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