Red Hat Names Raleigh as Headquarters, Can the City go Open Source?
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Red Hat Names Raleigh as Headquarters, Can the City go Open Source?

January, 06, 2012, by David

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This morning in a press conference hosted by Mayor McFarlane the city announced that Red Hat would officially keep its headquarters in Raleigh and take over the former Progress Energy Building. 

For the city, this marks a shifting tide,  the opposite of when IBM left many downtown Raleigh buildings for RTP. The tech company's headquarters contrasts with Progress Energy in several aspects, growth potential, work force demographics, and cultural values. Redhat forecasts 540 new jobs in Raleigh over the next decade- and those jobs are the type of young educated professionals that bolster a city's retail and real estate.   But the cultural values are something the city is salivating for-  hoping to co-op into its own brand.  The Chamber of Commerce hired local branding experts New Kind this fall to develop branding for Raleigh - that brand is something along the lines of "The Open Source City."  

The city's announcement of the Red Hat move focuses more on why Raleigh is open source than the economic impact of the headquarter relocation.  

That openness, is something the city is waking up to after years of creative culture propagated by groups like DesignBox and SPARKcon- the innovative nuclei for culture in the city.  After what would be considered initial lukewarm support the city has gone so far as to cite both CityCamp and SPARKcon in their announcement of the Red Hat headquarters.    While you may have your opinions on the specifics of the brand, there is no denying the city's aggressive adoption of existing cultural institutions in an effort to 'prove' the new brand.  The official release goes on to say that "The City of Raleigh is also planning to implement open source philosophies and strategies in an effort to make collaboration and transparency with the community a priority." The reality is, brands aren't built over night, and Raleigh has a long way to becoming that open source citythat will be achieved with real transparency over time and across departments.  

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  • Madeline
    01/06 02:37 PM

    Fairly certain that the Red Hat logo isn’t on the building yet….

  • Steelcity36
    01/06 03:31 PM

    I sure hope the arrival of Red Hat and its creative class of employees to downtown makes Raleigh more like Portland and less like Seattle. I mean what’s the big deal with Seattle? Everybody has seen the Space Needle. Big whoop!

  • Pam H
    01/06 10:01 PM

    How about supporting open source restaurants Raleigh? Why om earth are the brick and mortar resaurants afraid of food trucks?

  • Bob
    01/08 11:31 AM

    Pam H…... REALLY???

  • Phillo
    01/09 04:43 PM

    Haha.  Open Source restaurant.  Is that a restaurant where they give away their food and recipes for free and make money of off feeding it to you and then wiping your ass?

    01/09 11:08 PM

    Steelcity, good reference. Watched that episode today.

    As someone who lives in raleigh but works in rtp, I would rather commute to rtp or centennial campus than deal with daytime parking downtown. Would be cool to walk to a bar or restaurant after work though.

  • PS
    01/10 01:32 PM

    Unfortunately, my company is located in North Raleigh - forcing me to commute by car.  If the office was downtown, it would be an easy bus or bike ride from my house.  I am usually downtown only on nights and weekends (when its extremely easy and free to park a car) - so I don’t know of struggles of daytime parking.  Is it really worth driving 20-30 minutes to avoid it?

  • Phillo
    01/10 03:09 PM

    @PS: There is plenty of parking downtown during the day. Granted, it may not be right in front of the entrance to your building and it won’t be free, but it is there.  I didn’t mind driving to my lot, then having a 5-10 minute walk to the office in the morning.  It beat the hell out of sitting on 40 on the way to or from the Park. 

  • abell quiñonez
    06/17 11:11 PM

    todo este tiempo e querido ir al cuartel general pero algo me lo impide no se que es pero estoy seguro que no es bueno porezo entrè a esta pagina para participal.

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