Saturday Market Returns at Rebus Works

Saturday Market Returns at Rebus Works

June, 08, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Once again, The Saturday Market returns to Rebus Works each Saturday, from now until November 17th, offering up lots of local optoins for bread, veggies, hot sauce, seafood and more. The vendors change each week but the vibe and the location stay the same. 

You can see more on the Saturday Market's website, but below is a sampling of what you can find this weekend at Rebus.

Highlights for Saturday June 9, 2012

The Saturday Market which runs every Saturday till November 17th from 9am to 1pm is located in Boylan Heights next tot he Boylan bridge and is continuing to create ties within the community.  It’s an undeniably enriching atmosphere with local and sustainable producers.

This week The Saturday Market would like to highlight one of our most loyal vendors, Double T Farms. Thomas Kumpf is the owner and operator of Double T Farms which is located in Garner, North Carollina. Here is what he has to say about his farm. “Double-T Farm is an organically and sustainably run farm. We use organic methods proposed by the USDA but strive to go beyond them, as many organic growers feel it is only a minimum standard. However, since most customers come out to visit the farm, their presence on the farm is the ultimate seal of approval in our view. Currently, we grow a wide range of vegetables for fresh markets, restaurants, and CSA members. We also grow fruits such as strawberries and many varieties of melons. Our goal is to teach the community that local, organic produce is a viable alternative to suburban sprawl, leading to healthier people and communities.”

They currently have 2012 Spring/Summer shares for their CSA available with full summer which is 25 weeks for $675 and half shares for $450.  They also offer a custom option called Build Your Own.  Members who register as BYO can choose specific items based on weekly availability vis our email newsletter.  Contact Kumpf by phone at 919-239-2700 or email

This is the third week of the LoMo Market @ The Saturday Market this weekend. 

Here is a small list of producers: 

Coon Rock – Produce
Farm Hand Foods – Meats
Core Sound – Seafood
Volmer Farms – Produce
Hilltop Farms – Produce
Spread – Vegan hummus-like dips and spreads
Consciencious Cuisene – pre-prepared vegetable dishes
Guna’s – Hot sauces
Scratch – Baked goods
Elodie – Cheeses, eggs
Sarah Cecilias Good Food - Dumplings
Latta Farms - Eggs

Along with our regular vendors this week’s special guest are Captain Poncho’s Tacos , justCrumb and Locals Seafood.

Donation Yoga located inside Rebus Works from 9:30-10:30 and 11-noon

Rebus Works 
301-2 kinsey street,raleigh, nc 27603

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    06/21 08:07 PM

    You gotta love the local farmers bring fresh produce and foods into the local markets.

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