Slingshot Cold Brew Coffee Hits the Streets and Shops of Raleigh
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Slingshot Cold Brew Coffee Hits the Streets and Shops of Raleigh

June, 29, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Cold Brew Coffee is staple of the urban crowd in the heat of the Summer. An architect friend of mine was visiting last week from New York City. We were sitting on the porch watching a Summer rainstorm pour down when a car stopped in the front yard. Out popped a dedicated Jenny Bonchak, rushing through the rain with two bottles in her hand. My friend was more excited than me about trying Jenny's new Slingshot cold brew coffee. "Everyone in New York drinks cold brewed coffee all day, every day," he said. We dug in immediately and the coffee was perfect with the heat of the thunderstorm. Slingshot Coffee arrives in Raleigh at the perfect time, as the temperatures climb over 100 degrees this weekend.  

Jenny started working on the concept for Slingshot Coffee Co./Slingshot Cold Brew a year ago and it has just surfaced at Raleigh shops in the past few weeks. Slingshot is made in a little corner of the kitchen at Market Restaurant, which Jenny says is "a good fit because Chad's vision for the food at Market -- fresh, quality, locally-driven -- is similar to my vision for Slingshot. When I approached him about the idea of using his kitchen, he didn't even think twice."

Jenny and Chad have developed a great relationship at Market, which will be moving later this year and opening up a new restaurant and grocery on Person Street . "He's been so incredibly generous and supportive. Right now I'm getting in there whenever I can, but when I finally get into more of a rhythm, the actual process means heading into the kitchen after the restaurant closes on Saturday night, when I can set up the coffee to brew overnight. On Sunday, when the restaurant is closed, I go back to test each batch before bottling and getting orders ready for my wholesale customers," Jenny said. 

The hand-crafted quality that goes into each bottle is really important to Jenny. She brews and bottles in super small batches using two ingredients — in-season, organic coffee beans roasted by Counter Culture Coffee; and filtered tap water from right here in Raleigh. The labels are applied by hand with a hand-written "brewed on" date and "coffee origin" on the label. Jenny grew up on a huge vegetable and fruit farm, so seasonality is important to her, too. The coffees used for Slingshot will change with fresh coffee harvests throughout the year. So what someone tastes in a bottle of Slingshot in June isn't what they'll taste in November, and so on throughout the year. Right now Slingshot uses a Colombian that has such a great juicy snap to it. She will be cupping a few new ones that are slated for availability in mid-July and will narrow those down to the one that will kick off the summer seasonal brew.

There are two versions of Slingshot coffee that you can currently purchase in Raleigh, Ready-to-Drink and Concentrate. Each bottle is 16 ounces, and can yield two and four servings respectively. The great thing about the Ready-to-Drink is just that you can drink it anywhere. The concentrate offers the option to make it at home by mixing one part water or milk to one part concentrate. This way, you can make it hot or cold. The concentrate has lots of different applications -- cooking, baking, etc. Bottles need to stay refrigerated and the cold brew tastes best within four weeks of the brewed-on date. Coffee has natural sediments and oils that can settle, so it's best to give it a good shake before drinking.

You can currently buy Slingshot Cofee at the following Raleigh shops:
Market Restaurant (by the glass)
Escazu Artisan Chocolates (by the glass, by the bottle -- ready-to-drink and concentrate)
Tasty Beverage Co. (by the bottle -- ready-to-drink)
Jubala Village Coffee (by the bottle -- ready-to-drink and concentrate) **as of 6/21/12
Bottle Revolution 9 ((by the bottle -- ready-to-drink)

Jenny is working to bring in more retailers in Raleigh, as well as adding Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro. She plans to hold free tasting events at current retailers. Jenny also talks about the idea of a bottle return program and is trying to figure out the logistics of that at the moment. 

She continues, "I stinkin' adore Raleigh and I've just been so in awe of the response Slingshot has received so far -- in Raleigh and the Triangle in general. I feel so privileged to be among the incredible pool of small business owners here. To me, it's my responsibility to make sure that what I'm asking people to buy is the best product I can produce. I put every ounce of my being into every single bottle and that will never change. I love making Slingshot, drinking Slingshot and making it available for other people to love, too."

So beat the 105 heat this weekend with some Slingshot Coffee, a one-of-a-kind coffee company in Raleigh. We are sure to be drinking it all Summer long.

Photos courtesy of The Dapper Paper Co. who are Raleigh-based

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  • gspot
    06/29 10:29 AM

    another great copy/paste from brooklyn. what’s unbelievable is how much you are capable of writing about a topic like this.  2-3 sentences probably would have been enough here.  i look forward to a day when there is enough real and interesting happening downtown that no one would waste their time promoting an imported fad.

    it seems like the last original, uniquely raleigh thing that happened downtown might have been barrel monster.  or am i missing something?

  • Mr. Coffee
    06/29 10:29 AM

    Damn good coffee

  • intimigationator
    06/29 10:52 AM

    “Everyone in New York drinks cold brewed coffee all day, every day,” he said.

    That’s pretty amazing….at last check there are 8.3m people living in NYC.  If they ALL drink this hipster garbage “all day every day” that means the market for look-what-I-did-at-craft-camp! coffee is somewhere north of 40million bottles a day in NYC alone.  One could easily imagine such a fad growing nationally to support a 50million bottle a day habit.

    I think what your buddy from NYC was trying to say was, “At the moment, everyone in my circle of 20 genetic copycats in my small neighborhood in Brooklyn drinks a bottle of this stuff when we are around one another.  However, seeing that it is being done in RALEIGH now, I am sure it will fade quickly from the cool scene and no one will ever mention the stuff again.”

  • gspot
    06/29 11:29 AM

    at least the bottle design is original

  • hackles10
    06/29 11:34 AM

    ^I think the “bottle design” as you put it is pretty standard for the iced coffee market.  Way to be a douche though! Does every coffee mug, and salad dressing bottle look the same to you too? 

    Can’t wait to grab a bottle @ Tasty Beverage.

  • instagraminator
    06/29 11:35 AM

    gspot is spot-on!

    “Grady’s Cold Brew is a New Orleans–style iced coffee concentrate that’s brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, New York.”

    How perfect….but I will take issue with the sarcasm, gspot.  After all, Grady’s is available in a really cool, old-looking wooden box, if you buy a case of it.  So, that’s pretty damn cool.  Also, note that slingshot has that really sweet sticker-ribbon thing over the cap, just so you know it’s craft.  And, slingshot took the unique approach of writing its label in ‘20s-style font….you know, like you might’ve seen for a circus that was coming to town, back in the heyday of a simpler life.

  • Billy
    06/29 11:36 AM

    Boy, cold brewed coffee makes people angry!  Everyone in New Orleans drinks it all the time too and have since forever (I’m using a little hyperbole there but don’t go cray-crayzee). I guess I’m an elder hipster but I’ve been enjoying the cold brewed iced coffee from Morning Times for years now and have been using the NY Times recipe (New York reference, don’t get crazy) to make it at home.  Anyhew, I look forward to buying some Slingshot concentrate for travel and convenience.

  • hackles10
    06/29 11:50 AM

    As to the ridiculously simple minded “copy/paste” argument, I expect you will be out front with a picket when a movie theater tries to set up shop in downtown proper b/c that started in NYC too.  Probably should boycott any action to set up a grocery store too, that was started in Memphis with the first Piggly Wiggly stores.  I truly wish my life and these forums were filled with fewer idiots, but as has been said many times “haters gonna hate”

  • gspot
    06/29 12:04 PM

    billy - coffee isn’t the point.  i love iced coffee too.  i’m even happy that there is someone carefully making it, and will probably try it.  the point is, it’s not that important.  it’s just a beverage.  it shouldn’t command this sort of attention in a blog like this.  but it does, and that’s a bit sad.  we ought to aim a little higher here in raleigh.  there are plenty of smart people walking around and I just think we all ought to have much higher standards for what we recognize as cool, interesting, and important.  the city has a great deal of potential and i hate to see its creativity and energy wasted focusing on the worn out fads of austin, new york, and portland.

  • Michelle Smith
    06/29 12:11 PM

    Chris and Elizabeth Boyette of the Dapper Paper Co. here in Raleigh designed the logo. I’m biased, but super happy to see more locally made products, and that are well branded to boot.

  • Billy
    06/29 12:16 PM

    Gspot, It received one post on the blog, it’s not like a week long extravaganza of coverage.  Too many words for you?  Read fewer of them.  Why the fuss about this and not the movie reviews, which aren’t at all local.

    Keep that in mind you use your own creativity and energy to submit articles about all the current creative explosions that are exclusive to Downtown Raleigh.

    You sound like you just hate Jenny.

  • gspot
    06/29 12:20 PM

    as for you hackles 10, you see no difference between a movie theater, a grocery store, and “cold brewed hand crafted organic coffee.” really?  why don’t you explain how this is important and original instead of hiding behind the tired hater defense?  some of us demand more and think a little harder about this than you are willing to, not out of hate, but because we care. we want more for this city than is represented by the sheep-like behavior that seems to garner so much praise and enthusiasm these days.

  • RaleighHipsterMission
    06/29 12:23 PM

    gspot…instead of getting so angry, why not join Raleigh Hipster Mission?  We’ve been distributing razors, contact lenses and non-flannel clothing for years to the Raleigh Hipster scene.

  • hackles10
    06/29 12:38 PM

    You want more out of what?  A fucking blog?  Its a blog about shit in raleigh.  They post about restaurants, food carts, events, companies (small/large) and all sorts of other Raleigh centric goings on.  This is a post about an individual who started a new venture, and is distributing a locally made product in and around downtown.  How many words should have been used?  Are the extra 500 characters taking up server space somewhere that would have otherwise helped feed starving children in China?

  • db
    06/29 12:41 PM

    didn’t you know…NR long ago stopped being a blog about what’s going on in (downtown) Raleigh…instead you now have a site used to promote the friends (music/food/whatever biz they may be in) of NR in (downtown) Raleigh. Hence, this post and most of the others.

  • RaleighCityFarmAdvocate
    06/29 12:44 PM

    gspot….if we just roll up our sleeves, a new, better blog will happen.

  • hackles10
    06/29 12:59 PM

    Again, its a blog…they have no journalistic responsibility to anyone on here.  Do they post about friends ventures, sure.  I am also sure they make or made those friends based on being in an around the downtown raleigh scene.  (much like any other “source” vs “friend” argument)  They post about plenty of things that do not involve friends/acquaintances too.  Read or don’t read, those are the options as I see them.  Continuing to bitch, and recycling the same argument on the comment section of every article is a bit tedious.

  • Jackie Knoff
    06/29 01:23 PM

    The gspot dude spent more time writing about the iced coffee than the blogger did.

  • gspot
    06/29 01:51 PM

    yeah i certainly may be asking for too much but NR seems to have some traction and could put that traction to better use by making a broader and more positive impact on the downtown community.  if they don’t that’s fine - their decision - but it would be disappointing.  hackles10 if you can’t stomach anything other than cheerleading, maybe just stop hatin’ on the comments and don’t read them.

  • meg
    06/29 02:17 PM

    As an avid iced coffee drinker, a friend recommended that I try Slingshot and was blown away by the taste. I’ll admit, I typically add milk and sweetener to my coffee, but not with Slingshot. It’s that good.

  • R67
    06/29 02:37 PM

    Also available at Bottle Revolution in bottles or on tap with a nice stout.

  • RaleighHipsterMission
    06/29 02:42 PM

    Personally I’d like more articles on Fai Thai.  Anyone wanna share their memories, or maybe talk some more about that one space in downtown?  We haven’t heard enough about this once-restaurant on NR.

  • Thirsty
    06/29 03:46 PM

    What do it cost?

  • RaleighDullards
    06/29 04:02 PM

    Dear gspot,

    Would you please enlighten us dullards and let us know what we should be recognizing as ‘cool, interesting, and important’?

    Raleigh Dullards

  • dlw
    07/06 10:13 AM

    Gspot-while I agree that NR could do a better job, they are currently doing a better job than I can do.  If you are SO frustrated and have SO much to say (‘gspot dude spent more time writing than blogger did), why don’t you start a new blog of your own and give NR some competition? 

    I agree that DTR could be better ( grocer NOT owned by TAZ, and one that isn’t just selling “hispter’ designer food/beverages), clean up Moore square and the bus station, etc.  but, like everything else, it is a work in progress.  You are always free to move about the country if you don’t like it ‘-)

  • opinion
    07/16 02:31 PM

    nr is free to post about whatever they want. my only gripe is that their identity (news vs blog, fact vs opinion) seems to be all over the place depending on the topic at hand. it’s like this site occasionally wants to be seen as legit news, unless they get called out on being factually inaccurate or completely one-sided, then it’s like “we’re a blog, not the news”. i still check it out from time to time just to make sure i’m not missing any downtown news but my two cents is either be a blog that keeps up with downtown social stuff (this coffee article, the still odd seeming movie reviews) or be a news source (the downtown bar racism articles, except with journalistic ethics). stop being whichever of those two is particularly convenient at the moment.

  • Carl
    07/19 09:25 AM

    You want NR to have a greater filter for the news it runs.


    your name is…. “gspot”

  • rob
    07/19 10:16 AM

    can’t wait to try some of this coffee :)

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