SPARKcon 2012 back on Fayetteville Street After All

August, 09, 2012, by Jedidiah

SPARKcon 2012 back on Fayetteville Street After All
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Well, it looks like our lovely dream that SPARKcon was headed to the Warehouse District in September won't be coming true after all. Bob Geary, over at the Indy, reports that "getting all the necessary streets closed in order to have room for all the various "Sparks" wasn't possible ... or at least not this year." 

Huge bummer for the Warehouse District, but glad that SPARKcon is able to carry on in Downtown for another year. There's always 2013, when the Warehouse District will be full of start-up traffic and more.

That said, it's odd that Fayetteville Street is able to be closed down on this weekend, but the Warehouse District, which is mostly quiet on the weekends is not. Also, according to Sarah Powers, Director of the VAE and head of SPARKcon, the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater will still be used as well. Full details below.

SPARKcon will be held on Fayetteville Street and the Raleigh Amphitheatre for 2012.

The event is September 13-16, 2012, kicking off at the Raleigh Amphitheater for it’s first Opening Ceremony on September 13. All of the outdoor programming during September 14-16 will be held on Fayetteville Street and the cross streets of Hargett, Martin and Davie Streets as well as City Plaza. Indoor events will be held all over downtown, with many in the Warehouse District, where host organization Visual Art Exchange is located.

SPARKcon will showcase the talent of more than 1,700 artists and attract a crowd of more than 25,000 people over four days. SPARKcon is an interdisciplinary arts festival created by designers, artists and community organizers to celebrate creativity in the Triangle. SPARKcon’s name comes from being a “con”ference to “spark” the local art community and seeks to brand the Triangle as “the creative hub of the South.” The event is organized by Visual Art Exchange and was founded by members of Desigbox.

Organizers made efforts to move the entire event to the Warehouse District earlier this year. However, SPARKcon's growing footprint would not fit on the streets that were available to be closed. VAE and SPARKcon will likely pursue locating some or all of the event in the Warehouse District in future years, but is proud to keep the event on Raleigh's main street for 2012. The Opening Ceremony will be hosted in the Raleigh Amphitheater and will feature fashionSPARK’s runway show as well as dance, circus and music performances. The amphitheater will raise the profile of these events and SPARKcon is thrilled to used this new, professional venue for their production.

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  • ashley
    08/09 06:05 PM

    I honestly think for the time being this is a good idea.  The parking isn’t there in the warehouse district yet to accommodate all the people that attend SPARKcon.

  • JK
    08/09 10:25 PM

    As a vendor, I admit I was pretty stoked at the idea of being within walking distance of Tasty Beverage for post-show brews, but parking, public transportation and other visitor perks are a lot easier to come by at the Fayetteville location so I think it’s a good choice for now.

  • UR
    08/09 11:43 PM

    The establishments in the historic Depot building are extremely disappointed with the change in locations.  We were very excited to finally have a major festival take place in the Warehouse District.  And SPARKcon was the perfect festival to establish the Warehouse District as a great place to come enjoy the great art galleries, restaurants, and bars that are now prevalent in this area. The majority of establishments had blocked their calendars for the entire weekend in anticipation of this festival, only to find out 6 weeks prior, that is was being moved back to Fayetteville St..  Doesn’t Fayetteville st. get enough of the cities money from all the events that take place there?  Will Raleighs other districts ever get a break????

  • god
    08/10 10:03 AM

    To those talking about parking: Downtown Raleigh is very small. You could park by Sitti and walk to the warehouse district in under 5-7 minutes. Walking does you good. You don’t have to park right in front of where you are going.

  • JK
    08/10 05:19 PM

    I walk constantly, sweetie, but that doesn’t mean I forget that what might be a short and easy walk to me might present a real challenge to elderly people, disabled people and people toting around small, non-mobile children—and yes, they all like to go to art shows and outdoor events, too!

  • Razor Girl
    08/10 05:57 PM

    Perhaps, piggy backing on the “start up” mention… someone could invent a mobile cushy lounge chair. A, “Lazy Boy on wheels”, for Sparkcon. Actually, don’t even think about it, I am creating a patent (which is technically - “a work of art”) as an art exhibition piece and a business plan (which I will cover with a copyright and service patent). For those familiar with the new patent laws, this is my public notification.

    I will sell ad space for Warehouse district companies, the beverage holder could be sponsored by Tasty Beverage. I have already put in a zoning proposal for a bike rack design that anticipates my mobile chair parking needs, and, purchased closet space in local buildings. As long as their is an elevator, you can park your chair in any building space in which I have subleted space.

    They got it so wrong with the segway.

    Now, ergh, wait… wheelchairs have already been invented according to my patent search.

    Just Kidding ;)

  • Dr. Brett
    08/10 06:00 PM

    “It’s connivence which we cherish and it’s pollution which we disdain” - Bad Religion

  • matt
    08/12 11:35 AM

    Good Doctor Brett, you had 13 words in which to make your powerful point, and you misspelled one of the most important of them. Slow down!

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