Taco Taco Cafe Coming to Raleigh and North Carolina

Taco Taco Cafe Coming to Raleigh and North Carolina

September, 11, 2012, by Jedidiah

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I love tacos. Unfortunately, Raleigh's selection of tacos and burritos is, and always has been, not as tasty as many other metropolitan cities in the US. Don't get me wrong, I love Chubby's, Centro, Baja Burrito and the others, but there's always been something lacking. Downtown could use a pop-in burrito joint and I'd love for Mamacita's (Asheville) or Flaming Amy's (Wilmington) to open a location here.

But, maybe we are in for an influx of taco joints in the coming years. San Antonio based chain Taco Taco Café is coming to Raleigh and will expand every two years in our area. It's a small chain that offers some alternative options to your typical taco joint and has some vegeterian options as well. We aren't sure where Taco Taco will land in Raleigh, but from the sounds of the article it will be in a strip shopping center somewhere in the area, meaning probably not downtown. MySanAntonio has the full scoop.

Desai and his partners have agreed that after the Raleigh location opens, they will develop one store every 18 months in nearby communities such as Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary.

That region, Desai said, has turned into a melting pot with an international populace willing to try new foods. And a growing vegetarian community there would likely flock to Taco Taco's meatless menu items.

Customers wouldn't find “that typical rice and beans or enchiladas that you can get at any typical Mexican restaurant,” Desai said. “We would stand out, in hopefully a good way.”

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Taco Taco Cafe

  • Kyle Sailor
    09/11 12:20 PM

    This is incredible news. I lived in San Antonio for years and ate here on a regular basis, line was consistently wrapped around the building, absolutely the best mexican food on the planet. North Carolinians will finally know what true Tex-Mex is all about. After first seeing NR tweet this I thought for sure it had to be a different establishment, but that cartoon mexican gentleman on the sign still populates my dreams on a nightly basis. This place is a gem. Great news for San Antonio, better news for The Triangle.

  • Gabe
    09/11 01:44 PM

    What do we know about PDQ coming to Cary? It seems like a pretty funky place, but there has not been much news about it anywhere. I like to see the growth we continue to see is also bringing more and more dining options.

  • Richard
    09/11 03:31 PM

    TEX-MEX, Yuck!

    As if NC doesn’t already have enough unhealthy options.

    I’ll stick with Taqueria Zacatecana in Garner and Taqueria El Toro in S. Raleigh thank you

  • Mr Holmes
    09/11 03:56 PM

    It sounds good and all but if they have rediculous prices like qdoba then I’ll pass.

  • Hipstater (hipster who loves to hate)
    09/11 04:25 PM


  • Skillet
    09/12 10:11 AM

    Taqueria El Toro über alles.

  • King D-Bag
    09/12 11:15 AM

    As soon as I start to think that Raleigh is an intelligent and progressive place some asshole has to write “rediculous” on here.


  • Lee Keyanus
    09/12 11:46 AM

    intelligent and progressive place, some asshole

    No comma, minus 10.

  • Rebecca
    09/12 12:09 PM

    Being from the west coast I can appreciate the need for good tacos…so, try the Taco Market on New Bern Avenue.  OR La Taqueria in Fuquay (in the Walmart shopping center).  Those two places are hands down THE BEST Mexican places around!!

  • thereislifeoutsidethebeltlinedumbass
    09/12 02:49 PM

    The person who wote this article is incredibly taco-ignorant for someone who claims to know tacos. There are too many delicious, reasonably-priced, and AUTHENTIC taquerias in this area to even mention. Of course, if one wants only franchised, squeaky clean, white-people, cartoon tacos I guess one must choose to confine themselves to those kinds of options. Who writes this crap anyway?

  • Larry Williams
    09/13 11:49 AM

    Ever tried Tarascos out in Cary, the best i have had so far.

  • arkansasbill
    09/14 11:20 AM

    Sign says 7am-2pm ??

  • Robert
    09/19 01:38 PM

    I’m just glad to finally get some breakfast tacos and migas around here.

  • Jason
    11/28 12:00 PM

    thereislifeoutsidethebeltlinedumbass - please give us some suggestions since you know so many great places to go, because there are a whole boatload of crap places to go!

    And Richard - you are a f’n buffoon!

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