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January, 02, 2013

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In late Summer 2007 the founding editors of New Raleigh met in a backroom at Mitch's Tavern.  The agenda for the evening was a few rounds of beers and conversation about the then nascent online venture. Although our backgrounds were varied, we all shared a love for culture and the up and coming city of Raleigh.

New Raleigh was created as a way to celebrate and support localism and highlight the many individual contributions to the growing city. We think we succeeded at a scale we never could have imagined. While that love for Raleigh has never faded - the time to stop publishing New Raleigh has come. We are excited to move our focus to new professional projects and growing familes.  

Thank you to all of the writers and editors that have contributed over the years. To the local community and everyone who has read the site and created a lively conversation in the comments section, we owe you a huge 'Thank You.' This simple website has opened many opportunities for us. We have made great friends and created so many professional relationships that made New Raleigh possible. We will continue to be involved in the local scene and look forward to seeing Raleigh's future.

Thank you so much for your support,
Jedidiah Gant & David Millsaps

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  • Jon
    01/02 01:36 PM

    Bring back all black van

  • Aly Khalifa
    01/02 02:28 PM

    NewRaleigh has contributed immensely to the excitement of downtown culture and it will be sorely missed. It is highly compelling that two brilliant gents with vision (and some beers) can galvanize such a presence and create a voice for the way our city has been changing. It’s been an awesome achievement and I am looking forward to see what you’ll be doing next.

  • Jon Williams
    01/02 02:34 PM

    My heros.

  • Jonathan Bonchak
    01/02 02:45 PM

    Jen and I moved here in 2005 and I can’t imagine what life would’ve been like without NewRaleigh. Honestly, you’ve helped make us all more excited and been a force for such good. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, this will be greatly missed.

  • faithailover
    01/02 02:51 PM

    But…what about Fai Thai?

  • Becca Gomez Farrell
    01/02 03:05 PM

    Wow, you guys have been amazing. Thank you for the great treasure your site has been and good luck in your endeavors. As a blogger myself, I understand how other projects must sometimes take over. You must do the best for yourselves!

  • JP
    01/02 03:36 PM

    Dang. Well I’m still not going to read gogoraleigh.

  • Roy
    01/02 03:37 PM

    Not sure where I will get my Raleigh news from now, but I’m sad to see you all go. Thanks for making this great blog for us! I would have missed out on a lot without it.

  • Karen A. Mann
    01/02 03:40 PM

    Very sorry you guys are shutting down. You’ve been a great asset to Raleigh. Is the shut-down immediate, or will you keep posting for a short while?

  • Mark
    01/02 04:07 PM

    I’ll miss you guys. I hope you could have passed the torch to another willing person to take over, but good luck with everything. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Richard Slater
    01/02 04:09 PM

    Thanks for all the stories!!

  • Sarah "Dear" Maltais
    01/02 04:09 PM

    Jedidiah and David -
    A million congrats on all you two have done for Raleigh and her citizens. New Raleigh truly galvanized the city, and I hope that you both feel all the pride and wonder for what you’ve accomplished. I’ve followed the news of downtown Raleigh via this site since I moved North three years ago, and I was always full of joy and inspiration to watch the city grow and change.  I wish you both all the best in your future projects - and I can’t wait to see them!
    High fives and hugs!

  • Vincent Whitehurst
    01/02 04:23 PM


    Thanks for all the work you guys put into New Raleigh. For a long time it was a solid go-to to find out what was happening and what was new in Raleigh. Good luck with your future ventures and thanks for dedicating so much energy to NR.


  • Ryan Tevebaugh
    01/02 05:50 PM

    While I live in Austin now, I still go back to NR to find out about my first love Raleigh.  And I’m still searching for something comparable in my new city and I cant find it.  Thanks for everything, its been fun.

  • Donna Bailey
    01/02 06:07 PM

    That is sad news. I’ll miss you…
    Thanks for all your great stuff!

  • chuckn
    01/02 06:49 PM

    Thank you for New Raleigh. Always entertaining and informative.

  • John Dancy-Jones
    01/02 08:04 PM

    Thank you, thank you.  Your guys have helped Raleigh become what it is.

  • A Fan
    01/02 09:11 PM

    I was addicted.  I have been in Rals for 17yrs and relied more on New Raleigh than anything else for what is happening.  You will be missed.

  • Adam M. Eckhardt
    01/02 09:38 PM

    Guys thank you for being a huge asset to the community and most of all for being my friends.  I know that what ever comes next is gonna be great.  New Raleigh is truly going to be missed.  God speed!

  • Les Stewart
    01/02 09:53 PM

    New Raleigh was the only RSS feed i kept in my browser header… It’s gonna take a long time to get out of the habit of reaching up and clicking to see what’s happening. Thank you for making me feel like I was in the know.

  • Patrick
    01/03 12:35 AM

    I will be moving to Raleigh in a few months.  Where can I find more information about Raleigh Culture now that New Raleigh is no longer going to be stop publishing?


  • TuffJew
    01/03 02:22 AM

    You guys have done a wonderful job over the past few years. Thank you for the opportunity to do the soul podcast on the site back in 2010.  Much respect to you guys and one final shout to Chad Evans for the New Raleigh lettering!  The site will be missed.

  • Karla Anne Lineback
    01/03 07:27 AM

    Big thanks for all the info and news. your site has been a tremendous asset to the local arts and music scene… speaking of which - any interest or talks re: passing the torch? It’d be a shame to let such a “brand” disappear…I’d be highly interested in keeping this going.

  • Ken Metzger
    01/03 09:22 AM

    Thanks guys for all that you have contributed.  I certainly understand the need to move on, but the blog will be sorely missed.

  • Crystal
    01/03 11:48 AM

    You’ll definitely be missed. Thanks for all you did to contribute to getting out the word about living in Raleigh. Good luck with your future ventures!

  • Joe
    01/03 11:50 AM

    Sad to see you go.

  • no
    01/03 01:00 PM

    now where will i go for my hipster freakouts

  • Jorge
    01/03 02:05 PM

    Good luck, folks. This was a great site.

  • ct
    01/03 02:35 PM

    Bummer. I haven’t always agreed with what was posted here, but it was helpful for New Raleigh to stir the pot and provoke an exchange of views. I’ll miss the website. Best wishes for whatever you do next.

  • Ryan Boyles
    01/03 03:16 PM

    We are all better for your efforts publishing this great Raleigh resource. Thanks to you NR team!

  • Carl
    01/03 03:21 PM

    Excellent work all around. You know your really doing something when you spawn imitations & detractors. I will sorely miss you guys and with heavy heart one day sadly remove you from the bookmark bar. Appreciate the great advice, the April Fool’s day jokes, the local energy that this town so needed.

  • Mike
    01/03 03:42 PM

    Hyperbole is the word of the day.  Somewhere in downtown a hipster is crying.

  • Mitch
    01/03 05:38 PM

    The Hibernian burns down and now NR is gone too?  What is next?  Not good.  Y’all have been my go to for Raleigh news and happenings.  Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  • Ian
    01/03 07:01 PM

    Very sad to see you go.  New Raleigh has always been the first place I went to learn about the city that I’ve grown to love so much over the last five years.  Indeed, a good deal of that love has been fostered by New Raleigh.  Good luck in your future ventures.

  • Adubya V
    01/03 09:31 PM

    It was a great site. Thanks. But you know, ultimately it was the chairs that did you in.

  • JaysonH @LiPiraleigh
    01/03 10:05 PM

    New Raleigh - thank you! You guys have been a real inspiration for my attempts to support Raleigh’s growth. We will miss your work and and we wish you the best in your new endeavors and growing families.

  • Chair Enthusiast
    01/04 08:37 AM

    I had to sit down when I heard the news.

  • powell
    01/04 12:12 PM

    thanks for keeping us in the know…

  • Jennifer
    01/04 02:25 PM

    Thanks for taking the time to create and share with us. My guess is you’ll never really know how far and wide New Raleigh went! So sad to see it go, but excited for your new journeys. Thank you for helping to make Raleigh an even more amazing place to live!

  • sam
    01/04 02:33 PM

    Thanks for all your work over the years. I took you for granted and you helped me feel connected.  ( I had that growing family problem too!)Thanks a bunch, you will be missed in a deep way. If I ever meet you, I owe you guys a beer!

  • Jerry Stifelman
    01/05 02:15 PM

    New Raleigh was my go-to source for Raleigh news. But more than that, simply your existence elevated my sense of this city as a vibrant cultural center.


  • Sarah J.
    01/08 03:51 AM

    I echo the comments above, I’ve been referencing NewRaleigh for many years on a weekly basis.  I will be lost without it. I guess it’s back to the Indy.

  • anthony saltis
    01/08 02:43 PM

    Good luck on your new projects.  I will miss the site.

  • Turner
    01/09 12:44 AM

    Thanks for being an awesome person David.

  • Lem
    01/10 10:07 AM

    Had always worked in downtown but, in 2007…moved downtown.  Did a search for blogs on downtown Raleigh and found your site.  Have been hooked ever since.  Going to miss this blog!  Thanks and good luck with future endeavours!

  • Timothy
    01/17 01:54 PM

    First N&O goes paywall and now NR is shutting down?  I guess local news really is dead.  Sad.

  • Charles Cardello
    01/25 09:01 PM

    Raleigh owes you guys beers.

  • Tyler
    01/27 03:21 PM

    Any thoughts on handing the site over to some new bloggers?
    Maybe someone (or multiple people) out there can pick up New Raleigh and carry on the tradition.

    Raleigh needs a site like

  • Laura
    02/01 04:00 PM

    Aw that’s too bad.  I’d been hearing about you in the news. Congrats and hope the next project goes well.

  • Synaesthete
    02/16 02:40 PM

    Definitely feeling out-of-touch with Raleigh these days.  Amazing to me that such a valuable resource as NR isn’t self-sustaining.  There’s an interesting article that discusses the state of the digital and information economy, and I think the end of NR is certainly indicative of there being a gap somewhere.  If you’re interested:

  • sharon
    03/07 11:34 AM

    enjoyed all the news and the point of view…best wishes to you all

  • LiveRaleigh
    03/23 06:38 AM

    THANK YOU former House rep 35 of Cary, NC for taking your 2009 Amazon tax legislation behind a hidden door on Jones st so you could hide your NC Amazon Tax legislation in the 2009 NC budget.

    A law no one on the house and senate floor wanted to discuss or vote on so J. Weiss hid her bill in the big expanse of our state’s budget. Even though it failed to pass the NC House Finance committee she co-Chaired Weiss still hid her NC Amazon tax law in the Budget….. 

    Now Missoula, Montana really does have a larger web presence than the fastest growing city in America because no website in NC can survive without a reliable revenue stream from online advertising…. 

    Online purchasing has grown out of control while NC websites have withered and dug deep into the NC website owner’s savings accounts.

    Tough luck guys….  You did a great job….

  • d08
    03/29 07:45 PM

    One word: Ugh!

    Thanks for everything.

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    06/14 11:41 AM

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