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The Alley’s Classical Additions Continue, Reportedly Only Temporary

July, 18, 2012, by Jedidiah

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photos by John Morris

Earlier this week we posted a photo of The Alley on Hillsoborough Street and their new classical additions to a decent modernist building. We spoke with one of the owners of The Alley who assured us that the railing is a temporary placeholder (thankfully!) and that the cornice isn't supposed to look like something out of Rome. It also sounds like the external panels will be painted (we assume a similar white) 

As you can see, the same details have been added at the Eastern end of the facade as well. The owner informed us that "there is one window in the private back bar & one in the main restaurant, so people from outside can see people on the inside hanging out." This is a great idea to bring more energy from The Alley to the street level of Hillsborough Street, since it's on the second level. The Balcony (which is what the new inside/outside restaurant looks to be called according to that lovely font below) is a collaboration with Melvin's Burgers, also located on Hillsborough Street. 

We've heard some of the ideas for the final finishes on the balcony rails and they sound much less hideous than the current implementations and have potential to actually be quite nice. Unfortunately, the cornice is still a big issue and hopefully that will change as well. Maybe even consider matching the new sleek aesthetic of the interior. 

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  • JD
    07/19 09:40 AM

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these railings up there before when they were doing repairs or something on the facade. If I am remembering this correctly, they are there for construction safety reasons.

  • rob
    07/19 10:17 AM

    I was going to vote for this in the triangle modern homes competition

  • oakcity
    07/19 04:45 PM

    that font is just horrible.

  • Phil
    07/19 06:28 PM

    I hope it becomes a display window for an Affliction-only apparel store. I also hope the display window is lit up 24/365.

  • Molly Millions
    07/19 07:22 PM

    A bowling alley and goth/industrial/vampire burger bar mashup? Now that is just crazy!

  • I'maSweetsin
    07/19 10:34 PM

    I agree that font is hideous, looks like a bottle of lonerider beer.

  • Skillet
    07/20 05:48 AM

    It’s not quite Comic Sans or Papyrus, but y’all aren’t alone in hating that font.

  • Panda Balls
    07/30 11:40 AM

    This is all we have to talk about?

  • King D-Bag
    12/27 10:27 AM

    Doesn’t look temporary anymore…

  • JRD
    12/29 09:29 PM

    I was absolutely mortified when I rode by and saw this.  The cornices are absolutely terrible.  They could have saved so much money and created a much more attractive building by simply removing the panels.  Its actually a neat brick building underneath.

  • DPK
    12/30 01:46 PM

    Drove by this yesterday coming from a side road on NCSU’s campus that put me perpendicular to this building (Broughton Drive).  I really tried to like or be optimistic about what they did here.  It’s just brutal though.  It doesn’t look right at all.  They also have hacked off part of some of the vertical panels above their main entrance and it appears ran out of paint.

    Regardless it just looks horrible.  They could have done this several ways and achieved the same balcony effect.

    Did I mention it looks horrible?

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