The Dangling Loafer Comedy Show Friday at The Morning Times

The Dangling Loafer Comedy Show Friday at The Morning Times

September, 20, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Small form Standup Comedy is slowly getting some time in the Raleigh area. DPAC has been taking most of the big comedy acts away from Progress Energy and Charlie Goodnights continues to bring in comics whose fame years have passed. We need more laughs in our city.

One of my favorite parts of Hopscotch this year was the mid-day basement laughs at Neptune's on Saturday (Crazy Boris!). The Morning Times will host standup again this Friday for your monthly giggles.The Dangling Loafer is a monthly standup comedy showcase in downtown Raleigh that's been running for about 9 months and has been drawing great crowds.


- The Dangling Loafer, monthly standup comedy showcase
- 3rd Friday of every month at The Morning Times (upstairs)
- 8:00pm - 9:30pm
- 6 of the Triangle's best standup comedians each month - different lineup each time
- Created by Adam Cohen and Shane Smith
- Next show: THIS Friday, SEPTEMBER 21

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