The Galaxy Cinema in Cary Now Closed

The Galaxy Cinema in Cary Now Closed

November, 09, 2012, by Jedidiah

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photo by Abby Nardo

The writing was on the wall and the inevitable has happened. The Galaxy Cinema in Cary has announced that they will indeed be closing. Unfortuantely, this news comes sooner than expect and The Galaxy will be closing this Sunday, November 11th.

So, stop by this weekend if you have a chance, to say goodbye or have one last Samosa and Kingfisher while watching Chakravyuh or Searching for Sugar Man.

That said, Downtown Raleigh keeps open its offer to have the Galaxy relocate inside the grid. 

After eight years of bringing the best in foreign, documentary, independent and Bollywood films to the Triangle, the time has come for us to say goodbye. This weekend will be our final one, with our last shows on Sunday, November 11th. Please join us for one last chance to give you the best possible customer service, amazing concessions and to say Thank You for supporting us over all these years. The owners, managers and staff of Galaxy Cinema want to let you, our regulars, members and friends know that we never could have done this without you.

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  • ct
    11/10 03:43 PM

    Sorry to see them go. Galaxy and Madstone before them were a real contribution to the area.

  • Tracy
    11/11 08:45 AM

    The TRUTH is that York properties chose to close the Galaxy Theater because they had NOT paid their rent in over TWO YEARS!  That’s the truth.  That’s the fact.  What you need to be asking yourself is what kind of business portrays themselves as the victim and encourages their patrons to rally behind them when they in FACT have not paid their rent and are finally being evicted after months and months of promising to pay back rent!  Good for York Properties!

  • Steve
    11/11 07:36 PM

    Tracy, that’s completely inaccurate.

  • DPK
    11/11 11:40 PM

    @Steve: Unless you can provide some credible sources, I’m going to have to side with Tracy as well.  I keep hearing on the news that due to the owners inability to pay rent, they are having to close.

  • Lake Boone Eyesore
    11/12 01:30 PM

    (on a just as unrelated note)
    Wether it’s true or not…York Prop. needs to work on their properties appearance. That shopping center and the one next to me on Lake Boone and Wycliffe look like they last recieved a coat of paint back in 73’.  Siding hanging off the buildings.

    York Properties - clean it up. What a dump.

  • sircyclops
    11/13 08:35 AM

    Word is that on top of the rent issue, the theatre had a bad habit of showing movies from some, ahem, dubious sources.  That said, I had a bunch of good times at the Galaxy and will now have even less reason to go to Cary.

  • Enlightened One
    11/28 02:15 PM

    I heard that Galaxy closed because they were mentioned in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  True story!

  • scottnumbers
    11/29 12:11 PM

    It appears the old theater space at Waverly Place (most recently a gym) is available for lease. Hint, hint.

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