The Hopscotch 2012 Schedule is Here

The Hopscotch 2012 Schedule is Here

July, 11, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Starting today, you will have to start making decisions. These won't be easy decisions and you will surely have to cross off a handful of bands that you said, just a few short months ago, that you wouldn't miss at Hopscotch. Then again, the release of the schedule also makes you be more vigilent about a schedule, choosing the bands that you couldn't see any other time in Raleigh or wouldn't want to miss if it was their last performance. Over the next two months, surely your personal schedule will change as you discover more of the Hopscotch bands, so start slowly and choose wisely.

The Flaming Lips at Hopsctoch 2011

Digging through the schedule at first glance, one thing seems to be more apparent this year than previous years. The Hopscotch crew has decided to mix up shows a bit more with a variety of acts, rather than sticking to one genre at a venue on a single night. This creates a great mix of bands that would almost never open or play with the other bands on tour and will also get a mix of audience members through the doors of each venue in any of the three given nights. Surely Zola Jesus has never opened for Killer Mike, who was just added to the schedule, but the combination of those two acts back to back is fascinating. Another version of this overlapping of genres are three metal bands, including CoC, opening for Dan Deacon at Pour House.

The decisions are almost impossible. Will you choose Sunn 0))), Balam Acab, Oneida, Megafaun and Arnold Dreyblatt or Lambchop? Ducktails, Thee Oh Sees, Mark Mcguire, Samantha Crain, Baroness, Julia Holter, Liars, G-Side or Delicate Steve.  I'd say Sunn 0))), Balam, Thee Oh Sees, Ducktails and Liars are at the top of my list but we'll be back in a few weeks for our recommendations and thoughts on what you shouldn't miss. Danny Brown, Laurel Halo or Colin Stetson. Matthew E. White or Screaming Females. Ouch!

So check out each day's schedule above, a detailed and clickable version here and download the full PDF over at the Hopscotch website. Also, check out the Hopscotch 2012 Spotify Playlist we've created and continue to update so you can discover bands that you may not currently like. We may even update this into three playlists to reflect the three separate days of music soon. Stay tuned.

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Hopscotch Music FestivalHopscotch Music Festival 2012


  • jeff
    07/11 03:19 PM

    I don’t know any of these bands. Why don’t they get famous ones?

  • Andrew
    07/12 09:50 AM

    Can anyone imagine the circus that would result from Danny Brown and NOBUNNY onstage together at CAM?

    07/12 10:44 PM

    Mark McGuire or liars?  I am thinking liars.

  • rob
    07/13 12:22 PM

    who are these bands ?!

    they arent even on Pitchfork or Hipster Runoff

    never heard of them….

    so disappointing

  • jadedhipster4life
    07/13 01:24 PM

    That’s pretty funny, Rob.  You can’t find five bands per night that you have heard of or want to see.

  • rob
    07/13 03:40 PM

    nope seen all the local acts plenty of times, usually for a couple bucks

    never heard of the rest of these


    I dont see the value prop for $100+ tix

    Moogfest has way better lineups

  • smitty
    07/13 04:54 PM

    Let’s use some NR film review headlines to describe this schedule:

    Lacks Quality
    Free Willy Wanabee
    Fairly Unlikeable
    Easy to Forget
    Indy Dud

  • Richard slater
    07/15 02:19 PM

    Leave out the that headline bands at City Plaza and you are left with a lot of relatively new bands that are at their prime. You have to go on the internet to hear their music. Thee Oh Sees just put out a great EP, called “Carrion Crawler/The Dream”. Also Dan Deacon is awesome live. I missed him at Moogfest last fall. I cannot wait to see him at the Pour House. Julia Holter is new, two cd’s in the last year. But she is playing the same time as the Liars. I will have to make a choice on that one…

  • metalhandclaps
    07/17 12:19 AM

    I can’t tell if these people are joking or not

    Rob - “Pitchfork or Hipster Runoff” (hipster runoff?!? this is what makes me think this is a joke, people stopped reading that in like 2009 right?) am I remembering wrong or didn’t Pitchfork name Hopscotch one of the best 20 festivals in North America?

    If 3 years ago you would have said there was a festival coming to Raleigh that was COMPLETELY LOCALLY OWNED with Jesus and Mary Chain, Wye Oak, Zola Jesus, Thee Oh Sees, Deerhoof, Liars, Julia Holter, Built to Spill, Killer Mike, Yo La Tengo, Dan Deacon, Lambchop, Sunn 0))) and a bunch others I’m pretty sure EVERYONE in the city would be stoked. 

    If something is bad and shitty I’m cool with trashing it and not supporting it, I don’t believe in hollowly supporting local things JUST because they are local, but Hopscotch is fucking QUALITY and most cities would kill for this

    Stop bitching, please, and just have fun

  • Mark
    07/17 07:46 AM

    Glad to see some positive comments as much of the criticism of the festival here is bunk.  It’s silly to try to measure these bands by whether Pitchfork has written about them.  A large percentage of the bands are local - pairing established local acts with great out of town talent is a place where Hopscotch succeeds in differentiating itself from other festivals - and the local talent has little chance to make themselves known to Pitchfork or their readers outside of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.  Truthfully, beyond the locals, most Hopscotch artists have been featured on Pitchfork or similar sites, if that is how you must measure them; so your statement is not only moot but also uninformed.  

    A greater flaw with your logic is that you don’t seem to understand the festival.  You aren’t seeing these incredible bands in a field with thousands of others, you are seeing them in clubs with hundreds.  That fact, and the fact that you simply cannot be in a room without amazing talent on stage are what make Hopscotch so special.  It would be wonderful if everyone got to see every band they wanted to, but that just doesn’t happen (I can attest to this by the 100+ in line last year to see Dinosaur Feathers at Kings, or Vivian Girls at Slim’s or Japandroids at Pour House).  Last year I saw a handful of sets that I would not have intended to including Dustin Wong at The Hive and PC Worship at Slim’s - both were mind blowing.  That is what makes me look forward to the festival each year.  Hopscotch will introduce me to bands I will be telling my in and out of town friends about - great bands I was likely to have not seen or perhaps even known about otherwise.  As much as I surround myself with music, that is a truly special and amazing thing.

    Mark Connor
    Talent Buyer, Slim’s
    Bassist in 700 bands
    Music Geek

  • rob
    07/17 04:16 PM

    The fact is the past two years have been fairly underwhelming, impossible to get into venues, not to mention all of the acts playing at the same time. So if you choose poorly there’s no chance getting into a better venue. And let’s face it most of these “indie” acts are pretty poor. They get one hit record and blogged about and their second album sucks. rinse repeat. Pitchfork is retarded by the way. There are much better music critics on the web. Why are the choices so guitar oriented? Not that I want to hear polka-step or bubble-hop but come on this isnt the 70’s anymore, put down the grandpa guitar and shave your beard hipsters we all know you’ve never heard of any of these bands either…
    yeah I’m a bit critical of the whole situation, but the bar is set pretty low here…

  • metalhandclaps
    07/17 04:59 PM

    I only had one problem getting into a show the first two years, both were Future Islands shows.

    Guitar oriented?  Zola Jesus? Liars? Julia Holter? Dan Deacon? G-Sides? Killer Mike? Danny Brown? Balam Acab?  There are tons of great acts (that have headlining spots) here that don’t even use guitars. 

    Who would you rather have Rob? Just wondering what groups that don’t have guitars that haven’t played one of the previous years that you would rather hear?  Can you think of 175 of them?

  • Hopscotch rulz
    07/17 05:11 PM

    I don’t know 90% of the bands on the lineup and that’s why I’m excited for Hopscotch. I can’t wait to discover some new great music. While I love and support local acts year round, I plan to roll the dice and randomly chose bands that sound interesting and unfamiliar.

    In past years, I’ve only had to wait in line for the Future Islands shows (as someone else said above). And so what if there’s a line…just take a couple of minutes and walk somewhere else. Piece of cake.

  • metalhandclaps
    07/17 05:31 PM

    yes! Its going to be fun, the last two years were 2 of the best weekends I’ve ever had in Raleigh, and that didn’t seem to just be me but everyone I talked to.  I guess that’s why I don’t understand the vocal minority that is so cynical about having fun this year. 

  • peterocc
    07/25 03:33 PM

    Word to what everyone said, besides rob, jeff and shitty. Gonna be a great three days, my friends! Hell, we dont even know who’s playing at the day parties yet! Seen some great shows there too. Great festival.

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